EPMD - Hold Me Down

Out Of Business CD 1
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: EPMD
Альбом: Out Of Business CD 1
Длительность: 03:35
Размер: 8,31 Мб
Рейтинг: 367
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: SmokeDogg
320 Кб/с

EPMD - Hold Me Down

Текст песни "EPMD - Hold Me Down"

[erick sermon] Mm-hmm, hold me down Hold me down Hold me down Ah yeah yeah hold me down Yeah uh-huh uh-huh, hold me down Word up, ye-yeah, a-yeh, to hold me down Eh te eh te eh, hold me down Word to, everybody that, hold me down Huh? ah-huh, yo, what? Aiyyo p back me up now, hold me down While I go around this town, snatchin crowns From those supposed, wannabe rap vocalists If you nice get your rope and dosey-do in this Let me know somethin - you wanna fight? let’s go somethin If not, close your mouth and say nothing Y’all imitations, fuckin up the whole situation With sucker mc infiltration [parrish smith] Aiyyo straight up, you light mc’s better get your weight up I’m benchin three hundred and change, starvin cats get ate up Ain’t that ill? how I can just stare, and watch the blood spill From an unknown rapper, but now the rapper’s no thrill Now how real is that? burnin gats, knifes and bats Hot rhyme, status, with the hot wax Mixed with the street slang, is where it’s at Perhaps, you should close your mouth kid and slide back [p] yo e, hold me down [e] i’m holdin you down Yo p, hold me down [p] i’m holdin you down Yo e, hold me down [e] i’m holdin you down Pmd, hold me down [p] i’m holdin you down Yo e, hold me down [e] i’m holdin you down Pmd, hold me down [p] i’m holdin you down Yo e, hold me down [e] i’m holdin you down Pmd, hold me down [p] i’m holdin you down [parrish smith] You got shit harder than this, erick serm’ and parrish smith? What’s this? piped out five, with the kit? And millions to back it, keep it rugged never wack kid This ain’t just rhymin, god’s on the way, and he’s askin Who’s been followin the rules, two noided, so we strap tools And can’t cool, this go out to the cats in school It’s not the norm, word bond, so get ready for the rainstorm Too hot, fuck lukewarm, when we swarm [erick sermon] Yeah we swarm mc’s with the bee effect, zzzzz, sting em Like muhammad, set the scene I’m bombin on Ceo’s, a&r’s, street team to a manager For the cream, we damage ya On light-skinned, dark-skinned, albino From a crackhead, dopefiend, or wino Bring the ultra-ment, stick you with the magnetic Give a shout, to them sweet cats, rap diabetics [e] yo p, hold me down [p] i’m holdin you down Yo e, hold me down [e] i’m holdin you down Yo pmd, hold me down [p] i’m holdin you down Yo e, hold me down [e] i’m holdin you down Yo pmd, hold me down [p] i’m holdin you down E-dub, hold me down [e] i’m holdin you down Mic doc, hold me down [p] i’m holdin you down Green eyed bandit, holdin it down [e] yeah, I’m holdin you down [parrish smith] Niggaz tryin to jam the frequency, when on the low They be peepin me and the e, dj scratch, epmd The dream team, who fiend for the cream since sixteen Dodgin po-nine and marks, with the high beams God-body, rap style, mazerrati Catchin bodies, e double holdin shit down with the sawed off shotty What you thought? we takin more than nickels and shorts? Get the fuck out of here, nothin sweet here, you get your shit torched [erick sermon] I spit flames at oklahoma When done, you can smell the sermon aroma In a coma, burned to death, man listen Did he deserve, the kicked to the curb, ass whippin? Believe you me, it was his destiny For the child to end for fuckin with men P and I got somethin for all y’all Who stand tall, and dose dat like to ball So we ball like spalding, in the time of need Who you calling when your career is falling? Ssshh, way down, you’ve been hit, lay down Hit the ground, don’t get up, stay down Relax a minute, you shouldn’ta put your two cents in it Now you up a creek, in the back of a car that’s rented
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