Kid Rock - Fist Of Rage

Devil Without A Cause
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Жанр: Alternative Rock / Hip-Hop / Funk Metal
Исполнитель: Kid Rock
Альбом: Devil Without A Cause
Длительность: 03:22
Размер: 7,73 Мб
Рейтинг: 1583
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: magicman
320 Кб/с

Kid Rock - Fist Of Rage

Текст песни "Kid Rock - Fist Of Rage"

Gotta make this money Gotta make this money This money is me This money is everything I do and see Who are you to judge me Just let me be - and let me breathe I see this whole world headed for damnation And I'm ready to leave I can't believe this whole world twisted me You fuckin' biggets, you fakes, you wanna-be's I see the future and its lookin' grim A lake of fire lookin' like a gonks whip Chorus: I'ma fist of rage (one foot in the grave) I'ma fist of rage (far from saved) I'ma fist of rage (in a broken state) (I'ma razor blade slippin' thru a bale of hay) I'ma fist of rage! x4 Crack another bottle and let me knock one back Huh-huh, Slim Jim's And the tin men grins Fat heads with dreads And all the feds growing shark fins Huh-huh, my girls knocked up We're in love but she's young and I think I'm being locked up I couldn't cut the mustard with a Ginsu And a twist of brown for all the bullshit I been thru I'm looking for love but it's got too many dam faces I can't win even with these four aces My place is here with the mix and the tricks and sickos I spend g's but only make nickels My soul tickles But this ain't even fun and games My heart bleeds from the pleasures of the pain My fuse is short and its lit like me I'm short It's sketchy It's getting hard to see My heart bleeds believe it every dying breath These people take and they take Until theres nothing left Chorus Ya feeling bold with me Your up a creek And you don't know it Finger on the trigger but your punk ass is scared to pull it And I know it Cause the fear you hide your eyes show it Payback on your ass cause I know I owe it Now when your goin' down bet I'll be blowing up Hear the sound of a shotgun cock and know you're fucked I hope you see my middle finger from the stage (Coming - Come and feel me x4)
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