Vanilla Ice - Get Wit' It

Cool As Ice
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Vanilla Ice
Альбом: Cool As Ice
Длительность: 05:15
Размер: 7,21 Мб
Рейтинг: 618
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: MaxOfMobbDeep
192 Кб/с

Vanilla Ice - Get Wit' It

Текст песни "Vanilla Ice - Get Wit' It"

[Verse 1] Disaster, systems break when I quake Make no mistake, the crowd stays awake When I'm Shakin' and bakin' and I'm takin' all mc's Smilin' on the mic cause I'm gonna make big g's Pow! holy cow! it's like a bang or a boom Mc's see me comin' and they're clearin' the room Ouuta my path cause they're scared of the result Don't wanna battle cause to me that's an insult Man, I wouldn't even lower myself I got your record and put it on the shelf I didn't play it, I used it as a frisbee Your girl saw me doin' it and she kissed me A good sport cause the ball's in my court And in the long run I'm takin' no shorts Slayin' competition till the parties done You want a non stop jam Here's the right one [Hook] Gotta get it going' on Get wit' it Bust that beat [Verse 2] Yes, I'm blessed and I must confess Put me to the test and you'll say I'm the best I don't joke, I don't even jest Every line in my rhyme makes me better than the rest I'll live high on the hog, on the fat of the land Goddamn, I'll be so hot I'll have to walk with a fan On the brink of success, champagne & caviar In limo's, just like a superstar Business, Leave your number at my office Not for sale, But the fans all bought this Money pourin' in, Just like it was a faucet left on Cause my rhymes are that strong, Last long Just like a coppertop battery You think I'm dope, Come on, Don't flatter me Cause I been hearin' that stuff for years Respect from my peers and I'm changin' the gears Of that hip-hop engine, not to mention Retire at 21 and get a pension Gonna bust it out and your welcome to come You wanna non stop jam here's the right one [Hook] [Verse 3] Here's another rhyme to break the ice You couldn't purschase my talent at any price Don't chase a roni cause I know that I can get 'em I'm not the type so I don't even sweat 'em I'll love a girl and then dis the same one Cause you know that there's more Where that came from Yo, the one I want just walked through the threshold So all you other girls are out in the cold for now She's the only one for me Who knows if we were meant to be Together forever and that's a real long time And you can tell I'm in the house by my dope rhyme Man, I'm glad she came to her senses And that she put down all her defenses And finally gave her heart & soul To the man behind the mic control I'm here with her now I'm ready for fun You want a non stop jam, here's the right one [Hook]
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