Army Of The Pharaohs - Gun Ballad

Ritual of Battle
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Жанр: Hip-Hop / Underground Rap
Исполнитель: Army Of The Pharaohs
Альбом: Ritual of Battle
Длительность: 03:54
Размер: 9 Мб
Рейтинг: 743
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Nurken
320 Кб/с

Army Of The Pharaohs - Gun Ballad

Текст песни "Army Of The Pharaohs - Gun Ballad"

[Intro: Chief Kamachi] Yeah, uh, yeah We back y'all Uh, AOTP This is what y'all's was waiting for, right? Yeah, nothing but that classic, classic, nothing but that classic, classic [Verse 1: Chief Kamachi] Yeah, yo I stay strolling with Crypt My opening Griff like the smokes of my fifth coupled chin, devilish grin, bodies cozy and stiff It's the messiah, think the black Moses of myth I hold the staff and turn snakes into (?) I spit the 'glyfics and a mystics, you know what it give one eye, bloodshot, on a pyramid tick It's real energy, you a high school chemistry kit The ease, the crease, get a whole energy lift If your hate since 9/8, Kamachi and Hologram And 0-7, he the reverend of the lawless land I crack crosses, I'm here for the fall of man AOTP, this is what you call a jam [Verse 2: Demoz] Nigga I'll leave you poked in the chest If hip hop is dead, call me ghost in the flesh I'm close to the best kill your fucking man, have a toast to the death gotta be a ball game if I'm approaching the bench coke on the steps, po-po lock me up came home, now we just waiting on mafia Jae i got you, Vinnie I see you Crypt, King Size, Planetary, no need to display no one else's name, we all lethal we came from a flame a hundred below evil Nigga, I'll shoot you, I'll stab you, I knock your fucking jaw off your face if I smack you Who's Luke, who's John, who's Paul, who's Matthew I don't read the fucking bible, nigga I'll get at you I'll make a bunch of crazy white boys kidnap you let you know this is real true life, no battle [Chorus: Demoz] This is a gun ballad, mother fucker get lost AOTP, every member is a boss can you pay the price when your life is the cost will you crack under pressure, take another loss this is a gun ballad, mother fucker get lost AOTP every member is a boss can you pay the price when your life is the cost will you crack under pressure, take another loss this is a gun ballad [Verse 3: Vinnie Paz] You knew the white boy was wild nice And that I stick the cooking to your ribs like fried rice I got some cousins moving d at a wild price that have the dope fiends lean mean when they pound spikes The aim's sloppy dog, knife work mean stick it through the neck, pull it out knife work clean (ha ha ha ha) The God's righteous, but I might serve fiends And the four fifth lift you out your iceberg jeans I got a lot of young boys and they mad hungry murder, kill, shoot the place up, stab for me This ain't the type of place you can survive God (not at all) God don't live inside me, I live inside God. [Verse 4: Doap Nixon] I ain't messing with nines, nah I give them shits to my bro I only mess with big shit, with the shoulders involved Throw your body in the river so the odor dissolve A head shot, leave your brain under the motor your car For real, you can bet your last, I split plenty wigs It's KTK, Kenny the Kid and I'm still in the hood, money, getting them packs off Side of the Barrel, dog It feel like a scratch off Broad day light, the hood's like Iraq I got good aim, peep hole niggas get eye clapped and we all on ease, all in greens, all in trees, and we all gon' squeeze AOTP, niggas be running game on you and I ain't talking about my money's gonna rain on you I'm talking about the shit that dent up your car gat nines and big faces or i'm clipping your broad, faggot [Chorus]
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