Bun B - Trill Recognize Trill (feat. Ludacris)

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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Bun B
Альбом: Trill
Длительность: 05:25
Размер: 12,5 Мб
Рейтинг: 757
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Gragory
320 Кб/с

Bun B - Trill Recognize Trill (feat. Ludacris)

Текст песни "Bun B - Trill Recognize Trill (feat. Ludacris)"

Explain [Intro: Ludacris] I still {*7X*} Tote steel I still tote steel {*2X*} I still, ha [Hook: Ludacris] + (Bun B) I still tote steel, give a fuck how you feel We some southern OG's, Trill Recognize Trill (All my hustlers keep quiet and my dealers don't slip Money speaks for itself so we ain't gotta say shit) I still tote steel, give a fuck how you feel We some southern OG's, Trill Recognize Trill (All my hustlers keep quiet and my dealers don't slip Money speaks for itself so we ain't gotta say shit) [Bun B] Bun B is the name, UGK is the click P-A-T is the city so if you hate, suck a dick I'm from the land of the trill, from the home of the hard Where niggas don't wait to see ya, they bring it to your yard We ain't never been fraud, we ain't never been lame So if you wanna get it crackin, every nigga is game So we can catch a corner, we can catch a square Any place, any time, I'll be waiting right there See I give you a bad one and shoot you in the spine But as soon as you hit your back, my dogs'll eat you alive All we know is survive, we ain't taking no ails So before you play with us, you best play with yourself Cause I'm tired of the tough talk, tired of the mean mug I'm bout ready to give these buck niggas a clean slug Cock back the hammer on the god damn steel Put a hollow in the middle of his god damn breel, fuck it [Hook] [Ludacris] Talking about the karats in my watch, diamonds in my chain Who's baddest on the block, What my status in the game The records that I've sold, Bobby V going gold And all them number one chart positions that I hold The money and the wealth, well I'll keep it to myself But I'm always willing to share the firepower on the shelf I'm shiny star spanglin, ding-a-ling danglin Luda the sheet swisha, broke the record of Wilt Chamberlin I'm College Park rangering, Houston, Tex mangering So get down or lay down and see these middle finger rings I'm banging in the east, west, south, all over the map, boy I do it for myself, my daughter, and all these trap boyz Lac boyz, candy and paint, paper we stack boy Semi-automatic so make the click get back boy Click, since I was born, I been the shit And money speaks for itself so I ain't never said sheit [Hook] [Bun B] Niggas best to start running, hiding, dodging, and ducking Cause them trill niggas comin, riding, cocking, and bucking Bitch you fucking with a monster, a beast like no other The hardest nigga living since my motherfucking brother So duck and cover, duck and roll, hit the deck We coming for money and your motherfucking respect We ain't taking no checks, money orders or visa's Your life is on the line so don't motherfucking tease us You gonna need Jesus to hold you and help ya Cause you fucking with me, bitch you gonna see helter skelter That heat gon melt ya, this steel gon gut ya You lame ass nigga, know ya nolia then fuck ya Bitch, I stopped giving a damn when Pimp went to the pen So not everyones associates and nobody's friends Just make sure to get my ends and nobody gets hurt Before I put somebody's children under motherfucking dirt, fuck it [Hook]
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