Chamillionaire - Standing Ovation

Ultimate Victory
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Chamillionaire
Альбом: Ultimate Victory
Длительность: 04:28
Размер: 10,33 Мб
Рейтинг: 1757
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Gragory
320 Кб/с

Chamillionaire - Standing Ovation

Текст песни "Chamillionaire - Standing Ovation"

What's up man, Since you got a grammy and everything, You done changed, You ain- You can't even call me back, You won't even call me back bro, I called you 75 times yesterday dawg, They cut my phone off, 'cause I was callin' you Now that I've got dough in my pockets, And a whole lot of profits, (owww!) Seems like everybody loves me It feels great, Seems like everybody loves me, A round of applause for the cause, Thank you, thank you, Ch-chyea Used to treat me like the bad guy from Houston, In the media, it was like Darth Vader, People turnin' like turntables, Stay crossin' over like crossfaders, Try to switch up teams, like ball playas, So our enemies are like our neighbors, Keep 'em close, yeah very close, Most of my folks are still on papers, You can work, or you can have the work, But we makin' more than all of y'all wages, Motivation, makes hustlas make ya, So we successful because y'all made us, Used to not, give a flyin' eff, When they greated us with that one finga, Whole world jumped on the tip, And we hit the switch and sat on swangaz, In the hood they say y'all famous, Grindin' hard, so we can ball later, They be like damn, that boy made it, If they say I didn't, that's wrong data, First the braud, would try to say I'm fraud, See me pull that waud, and that braud changes, Callin' me, she wanna be on the team, And now she's mad because I'm ignorin' pagers, Boys thinkin' that they can serve me, Y'all actin' like y'all waiters, Same ones who used to walk pass me, We was underground, but now we on majors, Keep speakin', beggin' for a beat, And I'll tell the streets to give that boy a favor, Turn 'em purple blue and red, all flavors I got a message for all haters Headed to the top, And there ain't no way to stop it, And I sho ain't forgot, When everybody used to judge me, Now that I got dough in my pockets, And a whole lot of profits, Seems like everybody loves me, I know you like my style, I know you like my style, I know you love the way I put it down, I made it through the hard times, When you see my shinin', Give me your standing ovation I was bouncin' back like ping-pong, Ridin' became the new theme song, Beatin' on my chest like I'm King Kong, When I broke the record for the ring tones, You ever seen a platinum plaque, That look like that, Then you seen wrong, Better sit back and relax, Because my platinum reign is gonna sing long, And I don't blame boys for hatin', Because they wasn't patient, Find More lyrics at And they didn't know the plan, I knew that something had them shakin, It was gonna bubble like a Coka Cola can, And I shook it up like a soda can, My wallet is over flowin' man, Now my potential is unlimited, Like the minutes on my Motorola plan, Accountants and lawyers, I got big business, managers, Chamillitary is an interprise, Is you ready to ride? Is you a fan or what? Sound scannin' in Africa, Sound scannin' in Canada, We don't play, yeah VMAs, It can't get any better, can it huh? (can it huh) And I know it's hard to stay humble, They really thought I threw a fumble, I could of caught that through the trees, While runnin' right into the jungle, Could of been little Mugsy Bee, Turn her back into Mutumble, Would of still been a victory for me, You win, then they'll say they love you I know you like my style, I know you like my style, I know you love the way I put it down, I made it through the hard times, When you see me shinin', Give me your standing ovation Let's give a cheers, (give 'em cheers!) To everyone who thought I'd dis
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