Gang Starr - Deadly Habitz

The Ownerz
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Gang Starr
Альбом: The Ownerz
Длительность: 04:16
Размер: 10,02 Мб
Рейтинг: 976
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

Gang Starr - Deadly Habitz

Текст песни "Gang Starr - Deadly Habitz"

[Guru] Yeah, bout to talk about some serious shit Deadly habits, you know everybody's got 'em Just that some niggaz try to front, try to cover shit up But fuck that, I be wylin sometimes - you know why? Cause suckers be thinkin that shit is sweet Niggaz be thinkin that rap niggaz ain't real, haha Yeah well that's aight, that's aight Let 'em think what they want [Verse One: Guru] Yo I'm steady at it, them deadly habits I pray for the best outcome son, but my dome's already shattered By the shit that's occurred Drivin home tipsy from the club, puffin herb, vision blurred Thinkin bout them niggaz who caught the drop Who I gotta stop, who he caught, and who still gotta get popped Stash box, feelin like Fish in "King of New York" Wifey do her thing for the God, she don't be bringin me pork Cause there's enough deadly shit a brother be facin Up in V.I.P., niggaz drinks they be lacin Got a nigga sweatin pacin, not ready to fall the fuck up But ready to pull out, and back 'em all the fuck out And my guardian angel, is always there to protect And my supreme nature, keeps all them savages in check How the hell did everything get so twisted They say be careful what you pray for, so I guess now it's this shit [Chorus: Guru] They will never know - what I do to get by And them many times I almost died They will never know - all the reasons why I flip And now I gotta keep an extra clip They will never know - what this stress is like And why I'm on point, ready to fight They will never know - all the pressure and pain Don't give a fuck if they think less of me mayne [Verse Two: Guru] Deadly habits, they could be a number of things Everybody got 'em, some people do ugly things Excessive behaviour, it can get the best of you Trust me, I'm a lot like the rest of you I got issues, that haven't been resolved You know like, money people owe me while they out havin a ball (Mmm) Guess they too got deadly habits Got me on a mission, to go and merk, each and every faggot Manager's coked up, A&R's all doped up Old school style, have 'em gagged up and roped up Those deadly habits have me losin my cool But yo the Son can't chill, so I'ma be abusin them fools Pull the plug on 'em, pull the rug on 'em Have 'em callin up, all their closest thug friends Them niggaz can get it too This GangStarr shit is too deep, to even get into So fuck you! [Chorus] [Verse Three: Guru] Fuck you wanna do, we way past 7:30 Be easy, too many brothers seem to go to heaven early It's hell in these streets, but soon I'm on a hot streak Who's in the hot seat, who had a felony beef Yo I beat cases, with different attorneys And I laughed at the racist DA's, who were wishin to burn me My mom caught a heart attack, around the same time News articles were published, around the same time This depressed me more, but I stayed in tact And that last corny chick I was with, she got played in fact I know niggaz that did dumb time, and dumb crimes I fuck with real niggaz, and never cowards with dumb minds This country's got us in a fix America, your deadly habits, got us all up in the mix War without, war within, holy war, mortal sin Tell me - huh, what's the origin? [Chorus]
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