Chingy - One Call Away (feat. J-Weav)

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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Chingy
Альбом: Jackpot
Длительность: 04:37
Размер: 10,7 Мб
Рейтинг: 1107
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Doctor
320 Кб/с

Chingy - One Call Away (feat. J-Weav)

Текст песни "Chingy - One Call Away (feat. J-Weav)"

(J Weav) Ooh, yea yea DTP, how we do Call you and you can call me Whatever you wanna do baby (Chorus: J Weav & (Chingy) 4x) (You, could, roll, wit, me) You call if you wanna bump over me (If you was my baby) I'm only one call away (Chingy) It was weird how we met, huh She was wit her mom in Bank America I'm wit my son cashin the check So I asked outta respect (uh) Would she like to explore the world or buy We can fly in my jet Her reply was Yes, can I ask you sumpin? I seen it in her eye, mama lookin like all I wanted was sex Scene moved to the next (that is true) but it was something about this girl's style that make me feel no regrets We started off casual; walks through the park Candle light dinners by dark, I'm thinkin smart (smart) Of course she might think I'm in a rush To touch, clutch and be up, but baby I ain't on that stuff Dropped her off and told her call me up, we can talk Conversate about political subjects whatever's thought So I zoomed off, lookin by and my phone rang It was her in the shower, (she said) she said I couldn't do without ya Then I said. . . (Chorus: J Weav & (Chingy) 4x) (You, could, roll, wit, me) You call if you wanna bump over me (If you was my baby) I'm only one call away (Chingy) The next day I'm with the fellas at the case playin ball Here she comes wit her friends they posted up on the wall Now I'm showin off, trynta dunk trynta dribble break fast Through the middle just to see her smile and giggle Game over I punched her wit a kiss on the cheek The homeboys lookin at me sayin Lil Howard you weak But you know how that go, what I got they want What I got I flaunt, never mess wit it, PLEASE don't Told her I'm going home she asked can she go too I'm like Yeah boo, I can't see me without you Got thurr, I took a shower jumped out she in the bed With a see-through thong said I looked at her and said. . . (Chorus: J Weav & (Chingy) 4x) (You, could, call, me) You call if you wanna bump over me (If you was my baby) I'm always one call away (Chingy) Girl recognize game, before game recognize YOU You're dealin wit a player, TRUE Now whatchu wanna do? We can kick it and go puff on a bluuunt Oh you don't smoke? Grab a pint of Hen' then we can get druuunk It's up to you, I'm the man but baby just let me know Cuz if you got an attitude I could treat you just like a hoe Get to rollin wit me baby, hop in there's enough room We can gaze at the stars that shine like the moon Gimme a chance to show ya, and a chance to know ya Just be true, and there's nothing I won't do, for ya Some women like to play it foul (foul) But them the kind I put in the place of a child (child) Don't worry be happy and smile and. . . (Chorus: J Weav & (Chingy) 4x) (You, could, roll, wit, me) You call if you wanna bump over me (If you was my baby) I'm only one call away
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