M.O.P. - Ride With Us

First Family 4 Life
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: M.O.P.
Альбом: First Family 4 Life
Длительность: 04:43
Размер: 10,86 Мб
Рейтинг: 547
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

M.O.P. - Ride With Us

Текст песни "M.O.P. - Ride With Us"

Firing Squad nigga Firing Squad! Uh, First Family Top notch nigga BD, uh [Billy Danze] I used to have so much confidence in myself But now my game is changed and my pain's been felt My hand's been dealt, but it was a missed deal And words won't express the way a man William feel I came up with them thugs, I grew up in that mud Got my hands covered in blood, to stay above The world (to see a better day) Please my children need, and I can't find a fuckin way What can I say, I'mma stressed ghetto soldier I'm shell shocked from a back block off Saratoga Remember what I told ya, I'm thirsty now In fact I feel like everybody's out to hurt me now Roll wit me now, am I the only cat that never see the M slash O dash P on your TV and the Industry keep fucking wit me So I brought my cousins wit me ]From now on they gon be thuggin wit me Eyes and ears nigga, blunts and beers nigga For months and years it been Blood, Sweat and Tears Nigga, raise your metal for Firing Squad royalty First Family, royalty, holla! CHORUS 2X: Fame and Bill Danze How many niggas plan to ride wit us (ride wit us) How many niggas came to die wit us (die wit us) Pop shots nigga, we don't give a fuck Buck, buck, buck, buck, buck !! Ha Ha! [Lil Fame] This is only the beginning, you ain't know one was comin Stand face to me, no more runnin Back from hell, the dramatic, automatic Rap track flippin acrobatic Yo we been in this game for damn near a whole decade To the death, til the Firng Squad, cop the next tape Brownsville slugger, knucka up in the house Had a rumble with the Grim Reaper, knuckled it out This ain't for you big willies, this is for my small paws Thuggin, wit guns in they draws Go against the grain, break all laws And keep a bitch wit him, wit drugs in her bra Brooklyn, brainiest, blast Ain't nothing changed since that nigga been past Sound, pound, make you wanna bark Specialized by Firing Squad, the underdogs, c'mon! CHORUS 2X [Billy Danze] (It's the Firing Squad assassins) Ghetto blastin Operation ran by your man toucan dance for thug fashion (Criminal passion) Top of the line It's unneccessary, buries, but we still manage to shine (Take a life son) Fuck that! You know the verdict your only a soldier duke but don't get murdered You heard I was, raised with the elements It's William, and if you feel him then don't fuck with my intelligence I'm from the Ville, (that's home) I holds my own being that my father's reflection have connected and roam [Lil Fame] Blow 'em and check 'em wit chrome, have ya heard of me I heard you wanna hit me, split me, murder me So I, regulate, designate, demonstrate Blow back you fools wit tools, set 'em straight What you want nigga, hah, what it's gon be I'mma be leavin you leakin with clip in the palmy I'mma son of a gun, a automatic 4 5th Gun shots let off for my dogs, leave your boy stiff Ghetto warfare, heavy metal warfare Play a part 'fore you fuck around and start a war here (We bust back) Collapse, I'm rated R Bringin it real strong cuz you niggas still gon hit me pa Y'all want me, come find me motherfucker CHORUS 2X Heh heh, how many niggas Ride wit us Can you ride Firing Squad nigga Yeah! Wit us! First Family, murder Top notch nigga You know the rules of the motherfucking game C'mon!
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