Rhapsody - Gargoyles Angels Of Darkness

Power Of The Dragonflame
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Жанр: Power Metal
Исполнитель: Rhapsody
Альбом: Power Of The Dragonflame
Длительность: 19:03
Размер: 43,6 Мб
Рейтинг: 1134
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Vik_king
320 Кб/с

Rhapsody - Gargoyles Angels Of Darkness

Текст песни "Rhapsody - Gargoyles Angels Of Darkness"

I. Angeli di Pietra Mistica The prophet told of loud thunders quaking the surface of earth when the black raven would have turned victim of wonderful spells He would have become a white swan born from the darklands of sin Neither would Aresius have believed what was now changing in him Swan... prince of the magic lake... Dargor's your name... GARGOYLES, FLY GARGOYLES, RISE GARGOYLES, FLY HIGH...! ANGELI DI PIETRA MISTICA LADRI D'ANIME FIERI VOLANO Another mess of vampires, masquerade of sadistic pride He could not endure these cruel games against him who once spared its life He realized so not too late to be really far from his king far from his infinite blood thirst, too far to call them right for him Rise... fly high and steal his soul... angels of stone... GARGOYLES, FLY GARGOYLES, RISE GARGOYLES, FLY HIGH...! ANGELI DI PIETRA MISTICA LADRI D'ANIME FIERI VOLANO Gargoyles, oh my brother gargoyles Rise now, rise for his soul Ti invoco o terra... colora il mio nero... con fiera lealta' io giuro sincero... tra anime morte e caos immenso a Gaia sovrana l'amore piu' intenso... io Dargor a te... II. Warlord's Last Challenge (instrumental) III. ...And the Legend Ends... Dargor, do it... it must be done... free your rage and light your soul... It's Gaia's call... And this is then the epic end of the legendary tale of the one who found the light and the dragonflame inside of the tragic rain of a thousand flames of the town's defenders who faced real pain of symphonies of enchanted lands of whispers of love and hate The dawn of victory can breathe in the wind and this would mean the great rebirth reborn, the one who's giving his life ...the towns lying on the ground Be one (Be one!) of us (of us!) and act as all the prophecies want... To mountains and valleys, to fire and snow, to sun, moon and wisdom rise your soul... it's the call...! Oh, god, my god... it happened... it happened! ...the powerful energies of the furthest secret cosmos heard the prayer of our mother Gaia, the supreme spirit who gave us the miracle of life... and her dark son breathed new life... The power of the dragonflame realized what had seemed to be impossible... Dargor mortally struck the queen of the dead and called the mighty gargoyles against the legions of darkness... He pushed Akron into the hands of the nordic warrior, now a dying victim of terrible tortures... the chosen one let himself fall into the deep marshes constraining the black king, with the emerald sword againin his hands, not to move... they became soon food for the slimy snakes of the abyss... But this sacrifice had a terrific and great effect and meant the victory on the evil forces of abyss... Remember, proud brothers... everything is possible... when you let the mystic power of the dragonflame burn in your heart... believe it... ...it's the dragonflame!
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