Trick Daddy - Tuck Ya Ice (feat. Baby)

Back By Thug Demand
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Trick Daddy
Альбом: Back By Thug Demand
Длительность: 04:24
Размер: 10,18 Мб
Рейтинг: 691
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Gragory
320 Кб/с

Trick Daddy - Tuck Ya Ice (feat. Baby)

Текст песни "Trick Daddy - Tuck Ya Ice (feat. Baby)"

[Chorus:] Tuck, tuck that, tuck, tuck that, tuck, tuck that, tuck, tuck that, tuck, tuck that, ice in You aint, you aint, iced out Tuck, tuck that ice in I shine like a lighthouse Tuck, tuck that ice in, you ain't, you ain't iced Lights on, lights off I shine like a lighthouse tuck, tuck that, ice in You aint, you aint, iced out Tuck, tuck that ice in I shine like a lighthouse Tuck, tuck that ice in, you ain't, you ain't iced Lights on, lights off I shine like a lighthouse [TRICK DADDY:] My shit is platinum, these assholes wearin' white gold See I'm to smart for this cause, all my shit paid for And why should I rent a house, when I can huy it and write it off Make it my Florida home for the summer, round winter time just rent it out See I ain't none of them, who ride around on rented rims Change on the weekend, and floss in him mama's Benz See when I hit the scene, I be so fresh so clean White fitted, white tee, ain't nan nigga like me What kind of shit you on, wearin' fuckin' rhinestones Them cubic zirconia son, Them ain't fuckin' diamonds, So you gonna fuck around, and get gangrene at the arm Who'd rob and kill one, over some mother-fuckin' slum Your chain is crazy, that shit for gazey and it ain't real, unless its copper or stainless steel So whoever made it... you shouldn't have paid it Twenty grand for a watch thats fuckin' gold plated! [Chorus] [BABY:] 16 out the house, 17 gold mouth, 18 on the block, Nigga got them thangs out, Birdman stunna, nigga we don't sit in jail Real nigga's do real thangs, you know we make bail Trick hit me on the cell, know I gotta make a sale Found myself in Dane County, Nigga's movin' pounds of bail So fresh,so bright with the ice, Nigga you could loose your life playing with the bright lights! Yea, Cali got my back, I'm strapped nigga and prephase, doin' it big, poppin' bottles, Nigga the g-way Black handles, black ice, we'll get it right for a cheap price nigga that cutter'll get your mind right, M.O.B. to a bitch, made my hood rich Quick cash, young money, it's that uptown shit, ballin'one them bitches, shock callin' on them bitches, Two million on some ice and some cars on them bitches [Chorus] [TRICK DADDY:] They asked the kid the difference between mine and his, See my shit blindin' his shit don't shine, cause that shit ain't real His gemstones, they fruity pebbles, just like Flinstones, and he had his "Roley" on, but I ain't even notice his arm, but his diamonds cloudy, and he ain't shiny, and I heard his shit "Tick Tick Tickin'" Oh man, this nigga trippin! See we poppin' bottles and smokin bugga, actin' cocky Big thangs with fat pockets, wearing seventy-thousand dollar watches My overseas friends, are breakin' thangs in, Invest in a smaller hit town, shakin', bakin'and breakin' it down We gettin' top dollar, cause we got that top powder Hoes slob on our johnson, cause johnson got that best powder We call a grand a dollar, we gettin' money holla Rollin' hard with five fives, real fucking street ballers I did five trucks since the first quarte
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