Styles P - Leave A Message

Time Is Money
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Styles P
Альбом: Time Is Money
Длительность: 03:47
Размер: 8,75 Мб
Рейтинг: 348
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Gragory
320 Кб/с

Styles P - Leave A Message

Текст песни "Styles P - Leave A Message"

[answering machine beeps] [Styles P:] Street life my niggaz Shit's a motherfucker you know? I try to tell these shorties somethin They look at me like, "What the fuck? Nigga you worse than me" Nigga, don't listen to the message Listen to the message A message to my son, it's times in my life where I stood around to fight when it was better off to run A message to my daughter, daddy ain't make you But sometimes in life blood ain't thicker than water A message to my wife, I gotta say I love you And thank you for makin shit better in my life A message to my moms, don't worry about your kids Cause love is always love when we in God's arms A message to my pops, my head's on my shoulders And I'm takin care of family and never will it stop A message to my sister, your big brother got you But never in life let a coward nigga twist you A message to my niggaz, when it comes to the hood Who the fuck in the world could do it better than my niggaz A message to my group, we got it we made it Cause nobody in the world sound better in the booth [Chorus:] [BEEP~!] If I don't pick up just leave me a message I don't pick up, just leave me a message - I'm gone right now [BEEP~!] If I don't pick up just leave me a message I don't pick up, just leave me a message - it's on right now [BEEP~!] If I don't pick up just leave me a message I don't pick up, just leave me a message - I'm gone right now [BEEP~!] If I don't pick up just leave me a message I don't pick up, just leave me a message [Styles P:] A message to the jail, I don't really write Cause it's hard for me to say keep your head up through the mail A message to the poor, stressin the life What we don't get now we get in the second life A message to the kids, stick to your school Cause if you fuck with the streets that's jail or a bid A message to the wild, you should calm down Cause everybody rattin and you probably blow trial A message to the ladies, depend on yourself So if daddy walk out you take care of the baby A message to the rich, you should spread love 'Fore niggaz like me go ahead and spread clips A message to the hood, shit is bad now But we gon' be aight, cause it's soon to be good A message to the world, I don't give a FUCK P smoke 'til he he and he drink 'til he earl [Chorus] [Styles P:] Many ways they can send you a message, like a word from the wise Or a 45 that send you to heaven Some'll throw you a look, others a book Like the king gettin killed by the rook, straight-forward Some'll grab they soul when they feel like the Lord's callin Some see it before it come My nigga, one is all and all is one I wanna see us all rich before all this done But it's really God call cause we all his sons Some I'ma play my role, hope God save my soul Let me slide for them sins I owe Pain and more pain's the only change I know Brain stay in the frame, I'm in the game I blow Either my watch broke or my lame-ass slow But I'ma count my blessings 'til I get to the essence It's all good just send me a message, what? [Chorus] [Styles P:] A message to the jail A message to the poor A message to the kids A message to the wild A message to the ladies A message to the rich... [fades]
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