Tenacious D - Drive-Thru

Tenacious D
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Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: Tenacious D
Альбом: Tenacious D
Длительность: 03:01
Размер: 4,14 Мб
Рейтинг: 642
Текст песни: Есть
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Tenacious D - Drive-Thru

Текст песни "Tenacious D - Drive-Thru"

JB: Kage... KG: Yeah? JB: Let's go to this drive-thru. (Motor Sounds) KG: Oh good, I'm starvin'. Drive-thru guy: (mumbles) JB: Yeah, um...ah Drive-thru guy: May I have your order? JB: Yeah, hold on a second, I'm lookin' at the menu Drive-thru guy: okay JB: ...ah l- Drive-thru guy: would you like special curly fries? JB: Please, don't, don't offer me anything... I'll tell you what I want. um...ok...you know how you have the six-piece nuggets? Drive-thru guys: six piece mcnuggets. JB: Just, uh, can you give me just four nuggets? I'm, I'm tryin'to... Drive thru-guy: They come in six or twelve piece...do you want service? JB: Shut up and listen to my order. Take the six nuggets, and throw two of them away. I'm just wantin' a four-nugget thing. I'm tryin to watch my calorie intake. Drive-thru guy: They come in six or twelve pieces sir... JB: Put two of them up your ass, and give me four chicken mcnuggets. And then, uh, can I have a junior western bacon chee? A JUNIOR western bacon chee. I'm trying to watch my figure. Drive-thru guy: Western Bacon Cheeseburger... JB: A JUNIOR Western Bacon Chee... Drive-thru guy: Would you like that with onions? JB: No Onions. Drive-thru guy: Okay, Junior Bacon Chee...Total is $6.57 JB: Okay, and I'm gonna go with a fillet of fish sandwich, since that has less calories, 'cuz it's fish. Drive-thru guy: Fillet of Fish... JB: Now if you could take a Coca-Cola, and just go half Coca-Cola, half Diet Coke...'cuz I'm tryin to watch my figure...Tryin to loose some of the weight. Drive-thru guy: You want half Coca-Cola, half... JB: Um, and a SMALL, a *SMALL* Chocolate Shake. Because I'm tryin to watch my figure, not a large, a small. Drive-thru guy: It come's in medium-small or medium-large. JB: Um... Drive-thru guy: Small Chocolate Shake. JB: Also a small seasoned-curlies Drive-thru guy: Seasoned-curlies... JB: Small, seasoned-curlies. Drive-thru guy: Okay I got the small seasoned-curlies...western bacon cheeseburger... JB: Okay, uh...Fuck my ass, what else? Give me, uh...alright. Cherries Jubilee and that's it. Drive-thru guy: Cherries Jubilee. JB: Wait, Kage, what do you want? KG: Ah...Jeez, let me have a...I think I want the regular, uh, western bacon-cheeseburger, Large shake, um... JB: Oh God! Come on with the order. KG: I'm... JB: Take forever. KG: That's all I want. That's all I want... JB: good. How much is that sir? Drive-thru guy: That'll be, uh, $14.75. At the window please, will you drive up? JB: Do you have any money? KG: Oh shoot, um, oh god. Yeah, I got...do you have s...I got like... JB: Give it to me. KG: Alright, here. JB: Okay, we only have, uh...alright. I'm gonna need to cancel the last two things on the order. Okay, thank you, let's go. (Motor Sounds)
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