Das EFX - Rappaz

Straight Up Sewaside
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Das EFX
Альбом: Straight Up Sewaside
Длительность: 04:22
Размер: 10,25 Мб
Рейтинг: 748
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: MaxOfMobbDeep
320 Кб/с

Текст песни "Das EFX - Rappaz"

Verse 1: Dray I gotta suprise-uh, I is a bit wiser, oh yes I gets biz, G I mention to sling the slang wit me and my man just like it's a frisbee Ya flimsy, my thinga-majig is the illest, I flow like Phyllis Hyman, when I'm rhymin I'm makin the papes like Simon Says to, my second semester, I still be the best, though I figgity fucked up Sanford and his son, now time for Esther So hi-ho, I'm silver, I'm makin the papes when I kicks The shit that'll make your mutt wanna lose his fleas, lice and his ticks For the chicks, I be on my good foot, you'll get that ass kicked So yibbidy yabber doozy, fuck that floozy Suzy Chapstick So here boy, here boy, come get some, it's Krazy I'm swingin my dukes of hazard just like Bo, Luke, or Daisy I'm Swayze Hook (x8): (*Rappaz just ain't what they used to be*) Verse 2: Skoob I hears ya snorin, you niggas is sleepin, nighty nighty Lord almighty, I'm bringin it live G, see I be Rippin and flippin the tongue but some niggas don't seems to digs me So I switch, B, like Billy Bixby, cause I'm the shit, G Yoo hoo, dig see, they're tremblin in their Timberlands I gremlin switch styles yo, oh I flow like adrenaline Yikes man, the nigga is nice man, some thinkin I lost it But I be icing crews with the flakes til they're frosted So hip hip hooray, pardon me while I do a New way to school a new J, touche Holy shamrocks, the man rocks with no beef or ham hocks Oh yes, and, send the rest in, peace to my grandpops Hook (x8) Verse 3: Dray Well um, knock knock, who's that? Guess what? My crew's back Rippin the hip-hop, Penelope Pitstop Doin the bitin, the shit I be writin, you're givin me rabies They oughta be usin my germs for sperm and makin babies Hey ladies, I know my A-B's, I'm makin CDs I heard you was eatin your spinach kid, you'd better be eatin your Wheaties Comprendo, so let your friends know, I'm losin my noodle Cos when it be time to doodle, I lose my scruples, ask my pupils I'm the slippery slang slipper, quick to rip a QB Shooby dooby dooby, I do that too G So you be Kool & The Gang and I puts my slang in Hangin loosely, oh yes G, niggas be tryin to test me Hook (x8) Verse 4: Skoob Hear ye, don't look any further G, see here he is Still mic checkin shit, still Dead Serious Hello there, I didn't go nowhere, what up with the static G? I be damagin niggas' fronts like them creeps that's in your cavity For real though, jumpin jalopies, ha, I'm rougher than hockey, ha I drop these off-beat, cause my style is knock-kneed So me-a my-a, I's flyer than the witch's sweeper Jeepers, keep ya jump jumpin to it, like Aretha I boogie bang bang the thang like a cramp style slant Niggas tryin to hang but they can't Gee willikins, I'm gettin ill again with the skill again It don't mean a thang if I ain't got my Philly, friend Hook (x8)
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