ONYX - Hold Up

Bacdafucup, Part II
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: ONYX
Альбом: Bacdafucup, Part II
Длительность: 04:03
Размер: 9,37 Мб
Рейтинг: 2190
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: NeoNY
320 Кб/с

Текст песни "ONYX - Hold Up"

[talking] Yeah nigga... haha yeah (South Suicide Queens) That's right... uh uh, Q.U. nigga (yea yea) Shit like that, knowhamsayin put these drinks up yaheard? - let's do this right, what yo [X-1] Hold up, this is for my thugs on the block For my one stop niggaz that be huggin the spot Sittin on crates, gettin loaded, get that cake Dodgin drinks, spit and hafta cover they face Kick some tye, big truck with tricks inside In too deep, tryna sell bricks from the side See no games, with real niggaz from other hoods Car titles get lost, some niggaz get jooked But God forgive me if a nigga cross the fam Holdin the heat, the streets'll make me force ya hand From my wild crew, sets the new guns off the roof To them slick dudes, hot and they workin the phone booth Cuz Lord knows I'm gonna reload and bust back Incredible gats, indicted for a federal rap They ain't duck low enough, shots shredded they hat Murdered and gone, nigga it's a medical fact [Hook x2: Havoc] Hold up, this is for my gangsta team and my dime little mamis rockin Timbs and jeans When it's on, know we ain't afraid to clap them things In the club, gettin bent, goin cra-zay! [Sonsee] Hold up, this is for my chicks in the spot All my bus stop bitches that be pushin them drops Playin the gate, get it ma, get those papes Hustle that face, seven G's below ya waist Project chick, dippin whips, cruisin the strip Gettin money for tuition, go to school and she strip Kill in the club, when niggaz dicks get hard Murda mami set you up and niggaz bricks get robbed Help her soul if a chick try to set my team I'm tying her up, rep till the death of Queens All my staircase niggaz keep flippin the jun's All my outta state niggaz keep gettin them ones Guns in the air, hit you with invisible glocks that mean you never see it comin nigga, 52 shots I'm takin ya block nigga, if you like it or not You either roll or get rushed (blaow bloaw!) I guess not [Hook x2: Havoc] [Sticky Fingaz] Sticky Fingaz, the nigga that be stickin them spots For all my gun-cock niggaz that be bustin off shots Lay in the straight, black mask raidin ya gate Show me ya safe before I put two in ya face Dirt on my kicks, hoodies all lookin for whips Catch a rat nigga, leave his Bentley sittin on bricks Bloody ice-pick fights in the yard Ten times outta ten, step to me and ya life get scarred Shoot-outs in broad daylight, bustin at feds Dirty cops with a ki of coke, bring 'em out dead For my jail niggaz, stashin bangers deep in they cots For my grimy niggaz, hidin under cars from cops Empty the glock, hitchu with disposable gats Bust you, wipe it off, throw it away, it's a rap What nigga? I see you back in the hood scrap Turn ya Benz to a coffin nigga, straight like that [Hook x2: Havoc] Hold up... "South Suicide Queens" "Enjoy!" "South Suicide Queens" "Enjoy!"
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