N.E.R.D - Jump

Fly Or Die
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Жанр: Alternative Rock / Hip-Hop / Funk Rock
Исполнитель: N.E.R.D
Альбом: Fly Or Die
Длительность: 03:56
Размер: 9,07 Мб
Рейтинг: 726
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Gragory
320 Кб/с

Текст песни "N.E.R.D - Jump"

[dialing] [ringing] [Verse 1 - Pharrell] Hello? Hey mom, it's me mom Can't tell you where I sleep mom Cause that's where we be mom Sometimes I steal and cheat mom Yes, I get enough to eat mom Mom, can you listen to me? No! I don't mess with guns Yes in my travels I have seen one No, being a runaway is no fun But house rules sure were not fun Something told me to [Chorus - Joel Madden & Benji Madden] (Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!) (Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!) And I don't care now (Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!) (Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!) Cause we don't get out (Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!) (Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!) I packed my things now (Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!) (Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!) Fuck this shit right now, I'm checking out (Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!) (Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!) [Verse 2 - Joel Madden] Hey dad, I'm ok dad, that's what you say dad I never could obey dad You would have bad days dad And you would make me pay dad Make me feel way sad Punk rock, tatoos, leather jacket Good grades don't come with that package Yes y'all I would love to match it But names just make it harder to hack it by [Chorus] [Verse 3 - Pharrell + (Joel Madden)] Don't let your teachers teach you about wealth to death Maybe there's something else (I'm checking out) Don't let Massah teach you that we are by ourselves Cause trust me there's something else (I'm checking out) Oh la la la, la la, la la - la la la, la la, la la Shh.. maybe there's something else (I'm checking out) See we're not part of the magna charta There's no shuttle for us to charter No.. they're keeping it for themselves (I'm checking out) My ex-girlfriend I'm trying And her new boyfriend I'd fight him And what about my couzins? Tell em that I love em I'm not perfect nor facetious But at home I've felt fearless Your son completely hateless Turn to BBC you should see this A thousand heads [Chorus] [Bridge] I woke up thinking something (I'm checking out) (jump!) Wish I had it my way (jump!) Though I'm a rebel some can say (I'm checking out) (jump!) I'm told it's neither (jump! jump! jump!) (I'm checking out) .. (I'm checking out) [scratched] N-E-R-D (FINISH THIS SHIT)
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