The Roots - 100% Dundee

Things Fall Apart
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: The Roots
Альбом: Things Fall Apart
Длительность: 03:54
Размер: 8,94 Мб
Рейтинг: 579
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

The Roots - 100% Dundee

Текст песни "The Roots - 100% Dundee"

One one one one two P-P-5-D Yeah, yeah, P-P-5-D I'm sayin, yo Touch this yo, knahmsayin what? Yo-yo, yo, 100%.. [Black Thought] Yo! On these seventy-three keys, of ivory and ebony I swear solemnly that I'll forever rock steadily People wanna know where Malik? He right next to me The weaponry, the secret recipe Hard to peep this, deep shit, shows I eat with Contaminated thoughts I walk the street with I bayonnet cassettes and chop beats with this olympic lyricism you can't, compete with Globe travellin, throwin your verse like a javelin Things Fall Apart and MC's unravellin Backstage whisperin to management like "change the order, it's no way that we can rock after them" My man sport the 'fro like _What's Happenin?_ From the latest hi-atus, The Roots back again Your crew practicin to catch this natural blend They packages read "care when handlin" It's all soft shit, batteries not included with Matter of fact, your whole front's a re-enactment I blow your ba-tty ass into fragments, P-5-D The new testament, mic specialist, what? Yeah Check it out, yo [3X] Yo yo, Black Thought, I represent the Fifth Dynasty Lyrical click, 100% Dundee [Malik B] Malik B, I represent the P-5-D Guerilla click, 100% Dundee [Black Thought] Black Thought, I represent the Fifth Dynasty Lyrical click, 100% Dundee [Malik B] Malik B, I represent the P-5-D Guerilla click, 100% Dundee The Milli-illitant-tant, 'pon cock, ready to rock Power out, in the clout, it seems out, all through your block Posse don't play the cut, but what, you get sheist Got the personality named trife, ready to heist Smashin 'graphs, snatch the ice, crush your mental device Thought twice, shoulda thought once, got played for the dunce Dialogues I moderate, cool out, we outta state Just blendin in the great, give me room to ventilate Most niggaz is fraudulent, the rap seargeant Bargin, through your regiment, call your president Hittin all targets cuz it's a cause that's lost Between the killers when they probably Teddy Ruxpin talk Droppin tears of steel, two drops up in the bucket Facin three ? and a cop so yo fuck it If I get abducted, trapped up in the belly Wacked up my celly, get known like Dawn Stanley You know the deally on the daily in the ? If I sense you got a bend to your kite, then send it up We press up on your corner with windows they're tinted up Lay our props face down on the ground and get it up, what? Face on the ground and get it up [Black Thought] Yo yo, Black Thought, I represent the Fifth Dynasty Lyrical click, 100% Dundee [Malik B] Malik B, I represent the P-5-D Guerilla click, 100% Dundee [Black Thought] Black Thought, I represent the Fifth Dynasty Lyrical click, 100% Dundee [Malik B] Malik B, I represent the P-5-D Guerilla click, 100% Dundee [Black Thought] Check it out While you pose for pictures, I'm the invisible enigma Down low, scope you off the roof like the fiddler Cage you up in the vocal booth, you're held prisoner Watch, while I'm bangin out this hot shit from Sigma Illa-del-P-A, live without a DJ And it's been that way, since Sergio Vallente Yo, The Roots holdin it down, is all you can say Plus the Black Thought em-cey, professional-lay Push pen to paper like Chinua Achebe Thumpin, what was your assumption I lace your function, make it a Black Thought production Word up I'm on somethin, stellar hold off course I'm gone bluntin, travel light and broadcast via satellite, Illa-Fifth Dynamite Lyrically calculus in this arithametic hip-hop metropolis But loyal fiends coppin this hot shit Yaknahmsayin? Hot shit, word up Illa-Fifth hot shit y'all
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