Nas - What Goes Around (feat. Keon Bryce)

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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Nas
Альбом: Stillmatic
Длительность: 05:01
Размер: 11,48 Мб
Рейтинг: 1383
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

Nas - What Goes Around (feat. Keon Bryce)

Текст песни "Nas - What Goes Around (feat. Keon Bryce)"

Ayo its poison, ecstasy, coke You say its love, it is poison Schools where I learned they should be burned, it is poison Physicians prescripting us medicine which is poison Doctors injecting our infants with the poison Religion misoverstood is poison [Verse 1] Niggas up in my hood be getting shot giving poison In hospitals, shots rittle the block Little children and elderly women run for their lives Drizzling rain come out the sky every time somebody dies, Must be out my fucking mind, what is this, the hundredth time? Sending flowers to funerals, reading rest in peace You know the usual, death comes in threes Life is short is what some nigga said Not if you measure life by how one lives and what he did Its funny how these black killer companies is making money off us Fast food, colas, sodas skull and bone crossers [Chorus] [Verse 2] Sisters up in my hood trying to do good given choices When pregnant drop out of school or have abortions Stop working hoping that they find a man that will support them Up late night on they mothers cordless, thinking a perm or Bleaching cream will make better when they gorgeous White girls tanning, lypo suction Fake titties are implanted, fake lips thats life destruction Lightskin women, bi-racial hateful toward themselves Denying even they blood I don't judge Tiger Woods but I overstand the mental poison Thats even worser than drugs [Chorus] [Verse 3] Radio and TV poison, white Jesus poison And any thoughts of taking me down is poison Who want beef now, my heat shell anoint them, plaow [Talking] Never to worry, all the wrong doers got it coming back to em A thousand times over Every dog has its day and everything flips around Even the most greatest nation in the world has it coming back to em Everyone reaps what they sew that's how it goes Innocent lives will be taken, it may get worse but we'll get through it You all be strong [Verse 4] The China-men built the railroad The Indians saved the Pilgrim And in return the Pilgrim killed em They call it it Thanksgiving, I call your holiday hellday Cause I'm from poverty, neglected by the wealthy Me and my niggas share gifts every day like Christmas Slay bitches and party everyday like this is the last I'm with my heckles connecting and we hitting the lad This is my level, fuck if it get you mad It's all poison, all of my words to enemies it is poison Rappers only talk about ki's, its all poison How could you call yourself emcees you ain't poison Think about the kids you mislead with the poison And any thoughts of taking me down is all poison Who want beef now, my heat shell anoint them, plaow [Hook] What goes around comes around my nigga And what goes up it must come down my nigga The soldiers found below the ground my nigga Just hold it down we older now my nigga What goes around comes around my nigga And what goes up it must come down my nigga The soldiers found below the ground my nigga Just hold it down we older now my nigga [Verse 5] This nigga Ike with the Iverson jersey Light skin with herpees Fuckin' sisters in Harlem, Brooklyn and D.C. This is the problem cause he never tell em he got it From letting fags suck him off Rikers Island in nine-three Drives in Benz, hangs in all the parties All the concerts, backstage where the stars be Rocking their shirts in bitches faces like clockwork Whats your name, where you from, chain blinging Thinking girls everywheres dumb, taking powder ruining their lives So they could never have babies, and they could never be wives He never used a condom, give him head he got ya Met the wrong bitch and now he dead from the monster AIDs I contemplate, believing in karma Those on top could just break and wont be eating tomorrow I know some bitches who be sleeping on niggas dreams They leav
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