Guru - The Way It Iz

Rhyme & Reason - OST / Рифмы и Рассудок - Саундтрек
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Жанр: Rap / OST
Исполнитель: Guru
Альбом: Rhyme & Reason - OST / Рифмы и Рассудок - Саундтрек
Длительность: 03:59
Размер: 3,64 Мб
Рейтинг: 856
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Bigbrothas
128 Кб/с

Guru - The Way It Iz

Текст песни "Guru - The Way It Iz"

(Chorus) This one is for the thugs, hustlers, big willie mobsters I kill rappers on a reg 'cause it's my job to Seperate the real from the fake So I reveal the truth and break it down on a wax plate Your raps get bombarded Allow our ??? don't disregard it Wanna be slick, chicks why you act so retarded? All you pseudo-tough guys end up dearly departed As a young juvenille I started Learnin' from some older dudes >From the pimps to stick-up men And back then you had to know the rules The peer pressure it can get you Knocked and locked-up Or laid the fuck out upon a stretcher (Chorus) Peep the melody Brooklyn is deeper than a felony Raps are full of violence Who wanna challenge 'Cause Kai rep Whatever Kai choose to kick A man's child from the Nile Look at my style ain't it raw? But too mature to be labeled wild Ain't nothing fake I create I don't tolerate static My brain'll cause drama like an automatic So bang, I'm living large like a king The ??? I'm drinking pure mathematics With the power ??? I ??? my knowledge as a ??? Plus I'm invisible And I apply by using my third Eye Stimulation and high off the lie And better yet, I'm a vet As I manifest, wise words from my breath And my wisdom'll flow until my dyin' day of death With topics and subjects to every aspect I bless the mic with intellect Don't pay attention you'll get stuck You're straight outta luck 'Cause niggas been beamin' you And they schemin' for fast bucks While chickenheads be awe-struck By the thugs with ill mugs who act bugged and don't give a fuck It's systematic when flippin' dough like acrobatics Fiends and addicts gettin' served by green fanatics It's savage, Jake's more corrupt than we are In the alley behind the bar Bringin' product from Panama and Bogota Rulin' the game superior The crime biz: the way it is in America I'm killin' rappers like I've gone mad My heat is righteous Too many brothers have gone bad At times I lay in my bed holdin' my head smokin' weed Like a dred drinkin' liquor for dough Askin' myself one question (Yo, what's that, huh?) Why adolescents gotta get murdered to learn a lesson? Stay on point with the joint in my ??? 'Cause ain't no tellin' us when slugs might touch my chest Feelin' like I'm blessed Livin' life by the day, Monday through Sunday Involved in gunplay, it's like a warzone That's why I think with the chrome And hold my own, but never walkin' these streets alone It's like I'm walkin' on top of high heat With no shoes on my feet Watchin' the flames get higher as the gun shots fire (Chorus) I'm supposed to give up guns 'til my probation is done Still I'm waitin' for son to bring the three-eight long one They try to deny what's happenin' to us But nowadays it pays to be strapped ready to bust Let's discuss what would you do If you're confronted with jealousy you at least get a twenty-two Plenty of us go through this syndrome It's better to fight than die poor and alone The mob guys be gettin' loot for protection They live and die for their profession (Chorus) Yeah, we doin' it low budget environment style It's like walkin' through the ghetto when they feelin' is fine Everybody know the time, uh, East New York Style, uh Yeah, East New York Style
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