KRS-One - Bring It Back

Rhyme & Reason - OST / Рифмы и Рассудок - Саундтрек
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Жанр: Rap / OST
Исполнитель: KRS-One
Альбом: Rhyme & Reason - OST / Рифмы и Рассудок - Саундтрек
Длительность: 05:03
Размер: 4,63 Мб
Рейтинг: 758
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Bigbrothas
128 Кб/с

KRS-One - Bring It Back

Текст песни "KRS-One - Bring It Back"

Ha hahaha! ("Bring it back that old New York rap Bring it bring it back that old New York rap") repeats in background The only reality Is now... Yo! Verse One: I rock slow and easy like soul The New York flow is strictly for the pro Hip hop! Ladies and gents So you can know every word yo of the sentence Hey la like De La I got Common Sense Save the compliments for after I commence to evidence of MC's, rockin under false pretense Yes they get burned like incense Myrrh and frankencense, you know the consequence When you rock with KRS and don't make sense Kris represents all MC's, that rock with ease I'm not conceited, I got confidence in my abilities Agility's my credibility Oratorical artillery in all facilities It Takes a Village like Hillary when killin me, KRS has wide range capabilities On the microphone, in the combat zone MC's get eaten like the ozone layer Hey ya, I'm not a playa I'm a teacher But if I wanted your girl You'd be Living Single like Latifah Action Uptown like Monifah I hit like a beeper, and hot like the bunny on Easter Lyrically let me freak ya With moves like Scoob and Scrap Rock Stready, Stretch, Al and Kiko I warm up any room like a heater Bringin a New Balance to the speaker like a sneaker Still a teacher, prove it, like medicine squared This Garden of Eden, keeps the party movin ("Bring it back, that old New York rap Bring it bring it back, that old New York rap") - repeat 2X Verse Two: I'm interested in skill and how we build as a culture I don't eat off old material like a vulture Repeatin myself for wealth is bad for my health Everyday I express myself with a dope lyric From my inner spirit, then I share it with others As they hear me, enhancin East and West, overseas, brothers and sisters Sons and daughters transcended all borders I deal with mind expansion Anytime you aimlessly dancin, and romancin It's your life that you be chancin Not that I wanna sound gloomy But I don't rhyme about Judy Judy, cutie and shake your booty When you gonna grow up and be GOD? Instead of making a rap a full time job Yeah, it's a job and not an art They only rhyme to get money; cause true self-expression takes heart, and guts Rhymes, and cuts Tight minds and not tight butts Reach your goal, like a puck I wish you good skill and not good luck Cause only skills put you up out the gutter so I utter ("Bring it back, that old New York rap Bring it bring it back, that old New York rap") - repeat 2X Verse Three: That old New York flow means wrote for fun And if the money come, THEN THE MONEY COME But today and everyday, KRS speaks the truth We dealing with unemployment in the city black youth usin rap, to put clothes on they back No culture, or disciplined, way to act But soon yo, we'll take care of alla that We're huntin fi de power help supress people tracks That keep the culture intact, and soon you will see In the black community, black unity Not black nudity, after black puberty For every crew to see, to breakin down the black community The only one to blame is you and me For not takin responsiblity for our artillery Verbally, you heard of me, Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nubians Everywhere, I kick it cause I care The end isn't near, it's way over there BLAOW! The only reality is now But when I say bring back the old flava That means bring back the ORIGINAL MC behavior ("Bring it back, that old New York rap Bring it bring back, that old New York rap") - repeat 2X Verse Four: Now I got to show you how the BX rocks MC's, are jumpin out shoes and socks Body body rock body body rock I'm the king of rock'n'roll, ahh yeah Throw your guns in the air! Glocks
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