Tech N9ne - Happy Ending

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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Tech N9ne
Альбом: Killer
Длительность: 04:44
Размер: 10,86 Мб
Рейтинг: 557
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Mr_Tee
320 Кб/с

Tech N9ne - Happy Ending

Текст песни "Tech N9ne - Happy Ending"

hmmm, i dont even wanna fuckin do this song for real, but i wouldnt be real if i didnt.... i be sitten by myself n i be thinken mama what have i become all i wanted was a family but i when i look i be the only one losin everything but money everybody left and i dont even get to see my young only happiness i get is in the studio when i get to do another run on the road doin shows get the woes when it slows gettin cold gettin owed but the flows gettin sowed i been doin this a minute, but i think i want to end it, cuz i think im on a higher level when i go but the music i be doin it, be losin it, imma make it really tough for me to grow all i wanted was a family portrait see my babys on a ranch with horses but i was fuckin devil bitches in corsets i was never really good, then i torched it im sorry mrs jackson im speakin for real and i never meant to make ur daughter cry but i guess im a failure with women im lost and i feel like i oughtta die feel like it, im rottin away my life is jus off in the gray how much does it cost i will pay to lay and be off in a coffin today i mean off in ashes, this life and after it clashes, if i get blasted, this is suicide letters all over again i thought that i passed it but i guess that i didnt cuz this one is written and there is no mending but i broke imma a joke when i croak i jus hope that i wont be descending but this aint a joke i want you to know that tech nina is never pretending alone in my bed with a gun to my head asking where is my happy ending yea... (chorus) tell me who it is what about me where is my happy ending what about me is this a life worth living you know how it beakons but how does it end for me will i ever live or does he have it in for me will this pop before i stop breathin is there light in this dark im seein yea... i put my life in this music nina is inside out i set my heart out for people they kno what the inside bout will they keep feelin nina forever this i doubt can never cry for help so if u listenin this my (shout) im searchin for the passageway to happiness but im worldly so i have to lay in nastiness yes this a strange year, worldwide fames near but the games queer, sometime i feel like im rudolph the reindeer but instead of a red nose i stay in my red clothes and the music they said blows is on the top and the cred grows can u ressurect a motha fucka that feel like he possess a dead soul deteriorates when inferior state almost equal to bread mold now as my head goes, wish i could shed those because all of the times the nina was shorted, when i bled froze so now that im cold blooded and hella sick is what the med shows the tred slows and dont even think u revivin a dead rose yea... (chorus) tell me who it is what about me where is my happy ending what about me is this a life worth living you know how it beakons but how does it end for me will i ever live or does he have it in for me will this pop before i stop breathin is there light in this dark im seein listen... im on the verge of insanity but im competent im breakin so i picked this one to vent the reason i look away when you talk to me my brain is producin evilness im drownin in 151 and rum i meant, thats how i feel... i sit in the mirror with this gun and practice how to kill but i know damn well that the people like me really wanna know how to chill this is life is bout it check bout it (???) think of all the love i lost because my quest is not a meal i feel like you stupid dont talk to me im crackin up i dont mean laughter im full of bitterness and its backin up and i live with angels but lately demons been shackin up tug of war with my spirits, see the blood im hackin up i love my kids and my fans, inside i sob harder cuz u paid the price for my life and its right like bob barker and
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