Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Wasteland Warriors

The Art of War [World War 2]
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Альбом: The Art of War [World War 2]
Длительность: 04:28
Размер: 10,24 Мб
Рейтинг: 387
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Doctor
320 Кб/с

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Wasteland Warriors

Текст песни "Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Wasteland Warriors"

[Krayzie (Talking)] Yeah, got my niggas from St. Clair up in this muthafucka, nigga P.O.D.'d, my nigga, Sin Fin to put this shit down like this, nigga (We off to the ghetto, ghetto, ghetto...) What if we slowed it down? Then, nigga, you would hear me I know niggas would fuck around And say we tried to steal your style Come on to funky town, that's where we gets the rawest Thuggish ruggish Bone, so sho' nuff, that's what they call us My niggas is older, now, so they know when to unload So, when them funky, funky jump me Gon' be ready to roll (ready to roll) It's part of no static, see, we just out to get paid But, oh no, niggas heard the flow And wanted a piece of the cake It kinda pissed me off that ? figured they could get skills But when kept on disrespectin' Make 'em think we shit's real, nigga I'm from the Land where every niggas plan And schemin' for the money, man, so we packin' And they don't understand them niggas rappin' But still they actin' like criminals ? reciprocal They don't know it, even though Oh, no, no, can't let you go When I pop pop pop (pop, pop) That funk'll gon' blow you away Playa hation strikes a nerve everyday Oh, gotta say fuck all y'all, all y'all Wasteland warriors, we stressed, we stressed, we stressed [Krayzie (Layzie)] Warriors ride (bloody murder, bloody mo' murder Murder, murder, murder, play, play) Wasteland warriors ride (bloody murder, bloody mo' murder Murder, murder, murder, play, play) War corruptin' my mind [Souljah Boy] You know it is, what it's gotta be Ain't no stoppin' me when I be droppin' And these Mo Thug roll the sword from the front and back Don't stop, but the Double Glock they don't look out for these Where your troops is down to get loose, bitch Sue these stupid muthafuckas Don't make me huff and puff and start some ruckus 'Cause the niggas be down for the count And the first nigga step up, get shut down You shouldna been takin' my fuckin' style That's how we still gon' do it in the C-Town Arrest me on the rebound It's the P to the O to the D from the T to the H to the U to the G You hoes ain't got mo' killas than me So muthafuck what you's thinkin' Brothas don't hit, they're weak and wrapped up in my sheet While your bullethole still be bleedin' But here's the reason for the season's on my muthafuckin' bank Why you lame, be actin' strange? Boom to bangs, nigga insanes Out to rearrange this muthafuckin' figure Knowin' damn well, I'm a muthafuckin' killa Nigga, bow down, and I'm outta your picture Just might killa, got a cap peela, nine rounds spiller We done muthafuck you And you don't wanna see fade 'em all with the blood heater Streetsweeper get your ass deceased. [Krayzie] Warriors ride Bloody murder, bloody mo' murder murder Murder, murder, play, play Wasteland warriors ride bloody murder, bloody mo' murder murder Murder, murder, play, play War corruptin' my mind [Bizzy] Rip quick to kill ya, fill ya, and I hits that quick Nigga, what you saw We ? somebody ? with a pistol runnin' through ? And they call war, ready for the cause Clones get the thug, end up gettin' them ? gotta break Your face be on that table, ready for more Y'all clone him, and what if I got my peeps to flip in And vote and go ahead and smoke 'em, open 'em up And your luck get fucked-up, ready me buck buck buck I'm still runnin' from feds, ? all the disrespect But I won't get cut and love, Uh-uh What it makes you want my ? yes, some are ? Thinkin' me bloody get with the ? And roll but I had gun before you knows Don't roll, and I gotta go and face it S
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