RZA - Drama

Digi Snacks
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: RZA
Альбом: Digi Snacks
Длительность: 05:00
Размер: 11,71 Мб
Рейтинг: 483
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Music_fan
320 Кб/с

Текст песни "RZA - Drama"

[Intro: RZA] I wanna dedicate this song to the young god, Kareem The Genius... Digi... Sing it 'em to real quick, yo [Chorus: Thea] Like to keep my head up to the sky And ask myself, why, it has to be this way I'd like to live my life in peace And have, not to worry about All the drama, I can't take Cuz we strive for luxury And try to feed our families It always seems that someone seen our way I'd like to live my life in peace And have, not to worry about All the drama, I can't take [RZA (Monk)] I met a young brother, about 28 Who seemed intelligent and rather quite straight I greeted him, and struck a conversation To see if the youngster had some self motivation Peace brother, whats your name? How you be? (I'm Rugged Monk and I'm all about the currency) You mean gettin' paid? [Monk (RZA)] Yeah like my man's brother Who has a condo, he shares with his baby mother You know a condo beats my apartment With no lights, no gas and backed up rent No hot water or heat, infested with plenty rats That'll eat up the average alley cat (I'm like damn, homey, thats poverty, he's like) Word O.G. that bothers me Plus I'm about to be a new father, G (We need to wise up and change the hood policy) [Chorus] [RZA (Monk) {both}] Yo, why you fear the devil, as a grown man? Why you not out there trying to make your own plan? See we are a victim, of a situation Where a wicked man, separated the nation And got us killin' off one another Black on black, they pit brother on brother It's gettin' hot, hotter than July See the murder and crime rate is risin' to the sky (For example, in my neighborhood it's so hot I'm often woke up, from the alarming sounding of a shot, so I'm thinking what) Is your neighborhood a trap? {Could this be the place marked X on the map?} (And I'm spotted like a target in a shooting gallery So I strive to seek for a better salary So I can escape from where? From this ghetto life area {Cuz everyday it gets scarier} [Chorus]
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