R. Kelly - Showdown

Chocolate Factory
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Жанр: R'n'B
Исполнитель: R. Kelly
Альбом: Chocolate Factory
Длительность: 07:54
Размер: 10,86 Мб
Рейтинг: 450
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: mc-upgrade
192 Кб/с

R. Kelly - Showdown

Текст песни "R. Kelly - Showdown"

[Verse 1 (R Kelly)] I feel that the time is here for you to bring your body here And give me what I've waited for Hurry up and come on in and close the door I'm about to get up on it Feed me girl cause I'm so hungry Got plenty money but I'm still lonely Gotta have you now cause me so--- Black and Asia girl, Tattoo on your tongue Thugged out and scared But I'm uh make you love me Say some aphrodisiacs Baby girl its on I promise you I will do all these words to the song [Chorus] Showdown (I'm about to lay your) body down (Rodeo be like) up and down (Bout to show you how I) roll down Its about to be a Showdown (I'm about to lay your) body down (My rodeo be like) up and down (Bout to show you how I) roll down Baby its about to be uh [intermission] [Verse 2 (R Kelly)] I'll be making you my lady SE- got me going crazy Any-thing that you want me to do I'll do anything cause I'm feeling you All through the club girl you dance so freaky Tall diamond pierced with a look that kinky Ac-ting like you want me to turn you--- Attitude like what, Kelly turn me now Black and Asia girl, Tattoo on your tongue Thugged out and scared But I'm uh make you love me Say some aphrodisiacs Baby girl its on I promise you I will do all these words to the song [chorus x1] [intermission] [Verse 3 (R Kelly)] Now give me the mic so I can get buck buck Like fiesta, fiesta still moving the crowd Out of all the girls I've loved before Got plenty of honeys-- Puff puff give now let me hit it once more Fake ass niggas get out and close my door Its my house for me to live not yours If I wanted to I could- on the floors Through the doors like a western flick the club is crunk Penny and Chris you know that boys tow up About 8 or 9 black stallion riding up Its Mr Big screaming showdown I'm like what [Mr Big] Now Kelly- Its not enough room in this town For you and me so lets get down I'm sick and tired of you and this down low fight From contagious all the way to Mrs Price You done it now with Ms Black Asia I knew something was funny when she stopped paging House, cars, shopping mall Man I tell you its a battle call Like an Asian vull I'm about to charge Carry, you won't see tomorrow Its time to put a end to your late night creeps Now any last words before my pistol speaks [(R Kelly) -spits-] Mr Biggs- Now no disrespect but man I'm tired Cause all these years its my back you've been riding We've been in and out of fights on these videos Now its about time you felt the real rodeo See I did it back in 98 of September You took her from me yea right you don't remember I remember so clearly we were coming from an opera How clever you were when you slipped her your number (ooh) I know that makes ya'll wanna know (ooh) Who's really on the down low You wonder why we're always at it there it is Sleeves up Mr Biggs Cause I'm about to get- wild, wild, west Sick and tired of your mess You put me to the test And now I'm sticking out my chest So any last words before I draw these cannons Cause when the smoke clears I'll be the last man standing [chorus x2]
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