Cypress Hill - Lick A Shot

Black Sunday
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Жанр: Rap / Hip-Hop / West Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Cypress Hill
Альбом: Black Sunday
Длительность: 03:24
Размер: 8,12 Мб
Рейтинг: 4514
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

Cypress Hill - Lick A Shot

Текст песни "Cypress Hill - Lick A Shot"

"Oh yeah it is!" "Colour is not important." Lick a shot! "Oh!" Comin' at ya "Fire!" Zippedy do da, zippedy hey Cried oh my, wanna get that punk with my AK And get on the way On a mission, puffin' on a fat ass jay Prude! You can't hang Flash back on the skills when I used to bang On the corner I'll warn ya Gonna roll on ya Fool Hit ya with a golden rule Don't turn your back on the street When I hit that corner, feel the concrete If ya push that by like nothin' Watch me turn to a psycho all of a sudden Blastin' at these fools with a passion Look at the Glock when it's time for some action Let the gatt hummm Lick a shot! So I let the gatt hummm Let the gatt hummm Lick a shot! So I let the gatt hummm Sunday morning Wake up it's stormin' Raindrops fallin' on my head it's pourin' Cats an' dogs Pigs in a wagon Lookin' for the Afro - one that's saggin' Scooby-Doo An' fucked down too Ploy me Don't let your punk ass try me Gonna take more Then you better call your backup team And wait for the crew I'm the one flippin' Keepin' the clip On my hip an' Just watch your back if you're slippin' Oooo Where did that .22 Come from When the bullet past through my lung I've lost my breath I'm winded I've been hit, by a slug that wasn't intended I hear thunder I wonder If a nigga like me's goin' under Take a number! Let the gatt hummm Lick a shot! So I let the gatt hummm Let the gatt hummm Lick a shot! So I let the gatt hummm Had a bad dream Woke up in a casket Now I can't even get back at the bastard Bull-shit! This pine box Ain't strong enough to contain the Afro Marx Critical bell rings Snapped out the dream What the fuck's up with the funny red beam Pointin' at me I got no strap G What now: gotta duck, they're gonna gatt me Bam, I feel numb Where did the shotgun blast come from Let the gatt hummm Lick a shot! So I let the gatt hummm Let the gatt hummm Lick a shot! So I let the gatt hummm
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