ONYX - Bichasniguz

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Жанр: Hardcore Rap
Исполнитель: ONYX
Альбом: Bacdafucup
Длительность: 03:53
Размер: 8,98 Мб
Рейтинг: 8641
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Stinkin_Masta
320 Кб/с

ONYX - Bichasniguz

Текст песни "ONYX - Bichasniguz"

If the heat is on, I gotta freeze up by a nigga Shitty hit da fans from da hands, sqeeze da trigga ATAK OF DA BAL-HEDZ! sleep if ya wanna Bets is burned it's a bitter shit than be a donor Bichasniguz not respective, but rejectic Move on 'em, move on 'em, things are get hectic So watch ya blankets, hold your hopes Ya get hurt up, that's da word up Fuckin' with Fre-dro understand, GODDAMN! Who the hell is that little ass man?! The kid with da scamps, balhead like ya jams Shootin' at the stands, no time to beat fans Ain't nothing worse than the bichas wich as, nigga that's bakin' Lies for tichin', try to run the nut for scratchin' stop itchin' Wishin' perhaps, I play tha right guard, tryin' in yards, but I'ma hit ya with sacks! Two to da timple, straight to da brains, so simple and plain Ain't a muthafuckin' thing changed, But a hole in ya muthafuckin' tape, I would like to thank: My nigga, my nigga, my nigga, My nigga, nigga, nigga,nigg-aaa! [Chorus] Bichasniguz I'ma had to pull ya skirt up! Bichasniguz I'ma had to pull ya skirt up! Bichasniguz I'ma had to pull ya skirt up! That's da word up, you get hurt up! Bichasniguz I'ma had to pull ya skirt up! Bichasniguz I'ma had to pull ya skirt up! Bichasniguz I'ma had to pull ya skirt up! That's da word up, you get hurt up! Big DS! I put a hole in ya chest, grab ya by da neck I hit you with da Tec, Onyx in affect, WE ALWAYS COME CORRECT! Smack tha taste out ya muthafuckin' mouth! Big DS, I show ya what it's all about DANGER, DANGER! DANGER, DANGER! It's all about anger, the nigga bitch banger! [Chorus] I be with the crazy criminals on da Pristal Projects Beat them down who ever weeze respect The fake moves, fake plays da bichas, Ya joints, is that a death you choose Nigga bitch nigga, silent as a backcase of strap though Wild crazy ghetto, keepin' em on petto! Got kids on the block get high with da rocks When the time at the club, I knock 'em right on every bucks That's my word! I heard a flix city kid, or I heard from the suburbs Birds can't discriminate, so I won't either Make ya holier than a bible, if you're not a believer Diss your words dream, when you face my team Been a bitch nigga over like the House of Pain People scream, when I get you I say: "Gimme that bitch assilation" Through with pass, get you a cash, or a ditch fast Ain't nuthin' worse than a bitch ass nigga! Ain't nuthin' worse than a bitch ass nigga! Move back MUTHAFUCKAZ, the Onyx is here!! My name is Sticky Fingaz, I'm the nigga in ya nightmare Forget da crowd cheer, I live of fears, it's the beast in me! You get the music couldn't sue me And I take more than you wanna diss try 'em all Say, I broke the rhyme, but it's da weak talkin' ALL YA BICHASNIGUZ BEST JUST KEEP WALKIN'! Plus spit in ya face, Onyx is da master racin' Nothin' sweared about me G, substain a child's place My heart is my witness, I broke the law The hap bichas niggaz in jail watchin' my doors Hit da floors, and do crazy callous Statics that when they flip, they take a jump to the paramedics Cause ain't nuthin' worse than a bichasnigga!!! Talkin' lot of shit, though I punch and run I have blood on my knife, and a body on my gun So listen up son, don't act wild Or I'll crip your style with a bullet and a smile Cause ain't nuthin worse than a bichasnigga! Ain't nuthin worse than a bichasnigga! (x4) That's the WORD up, you get HURT up!!!
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