Body Head Bangerz - U Known My Kind (feat. B.G.)

Body Head Bangerz, Vol.1
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Body Head Bangerz
Альбом: Body Head Bangerz, Vol.1
Длительность: 04:20
Размер: 9,97 Мб
Рейтинг: 500
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: And1
320 Кб/с

Body Head Bangerz - U Known My Kind (feat. B.G.)

Текст песни "Body Head Bangerz - U Known My Kind (feat. B.G.)"

[Hook] You know my kind We on the block all the time You know my type We drunk, we high might start a fight We grinding we chasing cheese We hustle We keeps that heat We riding on 24's Money first and mother fuck them hoes [Magic] Pass the puff Let me get started I'm a burn a hole in this motherfucker regardless Turn me up Let me get me Who else but the M-A-G-I-C Do you somethin dirty Won't say it twice I know you niggaz heard me Betta get it right Killa You hard with your hand on the gat I got mine too I'm ready to bust back Full grown pit my nigga I bought that Pull your hoe card to see where your nuts at I got no patience for niggaz hatin And bitchin ain't gonna make a nigga give you nathin Ol pussy ass nigga soft as a q-tip Say something I'll smack a motherfucker real quick I'm a Body Head die hard I'm tryin tat the motherfucker in the eye ball Nigga Hook 2x [RJJ] Nigga I am R-J-J-R My pockets are full of paper Everything you see here's mine I'm a thug and I'm rich you know my kind always on a hunt lookin for a lil more dough I can splurge with money I can merge with women I can flirt with see if I can thug ‘em I got me a dime All I wanna do is cut ‘em No convo All I wanna do is cut ‘em Don't play with ‘em never act like I love ‘em Only act like that nigga daddy raised See I'm kinda cocky in my ways But a nigga getting paid And I'm probably in the back getting laid With somebody's wife somebody's getting' played I got my eyes on the prize Mind on my money, got my money on my mind Got my money on my mind nigga [Hook] 2x [B.G.] Nigga know my type I be right on the block I don't give a fuck if ya'll I got platinum records or not I be thugin, keeping it real Holdin it down From the East to West Bank Up to downtown I'm a street nigga And I keep that work Keep that heat Bitch nigga give me fifty feet I've been bout uppin Loadin, cocking and pullin Poppin and pullin I been representin Lousianna to the fullest I've been ridin 20's Getting money at 15 Dat there new to ya'll that shit throw back to me I been ridin Benz's Blingin and all that If I'm not a Hot Boy then whataya call that I'm a Vet I ain't Labron James Call me MJ I'm a legend in the game Respect my mind Can't stop my shine Real niggaz they know my kind [Hook] 2x
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