Busta Rhymes - Light Your Ass On Fire

The Neptunes Present Clones
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Busta Rhymes
Альбом: The Neptunes Present Clones
Длительность: 03:40
Размер: 8,63 Мб
Рейтинг: 1191
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Doctor
320 Кб/с

Busta Rhymes - Light Your Ass On Fire

Текст песни "Busta Rhymes - Light Your Ass On Fire"

Whachu say your name was? Well um, lookin real sexy right now You and your girls, are lookin good Look why don't y'all take off y'all jackets What's your name baby? word? okay Tell your friend right there this, this my man Busta [Verse: Busta Rhymes] Hah, I know you starving for this shit Baby I'm feeling your hunger I'm so clean call a nigga Felix Ungar So what if I said it baby I'm still gon' tell ya I hope your ass bigger than Willona and Thelma Listen, it's Busta Rhymes bitch I ain't never fail ya Your ass all over like paraphernalia, hmm See the police gon jail ya For walking around wit the kind of ass that'll kill ya now Don't worry bout it I got money to bill ya Shorty stacking like a mule, type of shit that'll scare ya Headboard bang, bump the side of ya head Watch how ya ass spread spill all off the side of the bed now, hmm Now whachu do to the dread? baby your ass really changed What he initially said because a nigga dead But fuck em! cause now we vibing and talking and shit I love to hear your ass go (ga ga goon) when you walking and shit [Chorus: Pharrell Williams] Move girl like your ass on fire - like your ass on fire Move girl like your ass on fire - like your ass on fire Move girl I'll light your ass on fire - I'll light your ass on fire Move girl I'll light your ass on fire - Bitch I'll light that ass on fire Move girl I'll light your ass on fire [Verse: Busta Rhymes] Bust it, baby I know you probably really Need a table cloth to cover your ass Digging in your pocket while you rubbing yo ass Shit so big just put the club in yo ass Prep the H2 park it right infront of yo ass I see your little gap between your cunt and yo ass And make you jump inside the whip and smoke a blunt wit yo ass I'm saying hmm, the shit'll spread like a rash The way they ass wiggles see I got the shit on a smash now listen Llight the L smell a wiff of the hash And bag all the bitches, now watch you see me zip in a flash I'm saying hmm, now I'm a put you on blast Just like a tint window when you put your shit on the glass Bust right through the window then it sit on the dash And have a nigga driving wreckless till you making him crash (Hah, c'mon) we making money and shit Now pop your muffin while we be watching you shaking your shit [Chorus] [Bridge] Welcome to hot in Hazyville It make you wanna dance till you break your heels I know you love the way the God make your feel Now watch me get deeper than a Navy Seal (Navy Seal?) It got a crazy feel, shit feel like you in a danger field Hypnotize, stuck it in her, daze for real That's exactly why we call this one Hazyville (Hazyville) [Verse: Busta Rhymes] Baby, just shake ya ass till you spread on the floorI noticed that your ass too big for your draws You need a - a chiropractor just to marry yo ass To tell the truth you need a tractor just to carry yo ass Fo reala, you motherfuckers probably think that I'm playing All bitches love to talk and all that other shit I be saying And going hmm, see how you putting it down I love the way you shake it throw it around! [Chorus] [Bridge]
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Busta Rhymes - Fire



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