Eminem - 5 Star Generals & Shabaam Sahdeeq

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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Eminem
Альбом: Colaboration
Длительность: 04:19
Размер: 3,95 Мб
Рейтинг: 1120
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Vizy
128 Кб/с

Eminem - 5 Star Generals & Shabaam Sahdeeq

Текст песни "Eminem - 5 Star Generals & Shabaam Sahdeeq"

[Intro:] [man 1:] I like this song... [man 2:] All right! All right! All right everybody set off down! [man 1:] Oh, please! [man 2:] Come on now, now! KHM! [Chorus: Sample] Rhymes it all! [scratches] And every rhymes what I've heard it all before. [Shabaam Shadeeq:] Of course - I rap till I'm hoarse, add the sauce To them dry turkey MC's say what you like, I toss! In theory when you hear me, like the guts of the Dutch Snap caught you in the act like Vivitar - AF. 2-5-5 auto-focus clear vision Precision mics for people of all types, call the cavalry. My brutality! Switch the pitch gradually. Aqua! Turntable knocka fresh like binocca. Jot the thoughts in my chronicles remarkable styles Shadeeq taxed it make an exit to spark mine. Nuclear physics with cannibals and phat rhymes They know the time like it's sundown. - At explow! [Eminem:] Went to bible class with a gun, blasted a nun Fuck hell! - Satan sent my ass to the sun. I wasn't born I was hatched - and dumped in the trash With a note attached saying someone please whip this brat's ass. I never gave a rat's ass or a flying fuck Driving drunk in a fire truck with the siren stuck. Slammin' the brakes, skiddin' out cause the tires suck I went to pull you off my dick and got the pliers stuck. You better run! Cause I'm probably the only one Crazy enough to shoot your ass with a knife and stab you with a gun. (aaggggh!) I like fire, you might see me start it I'm slightly retarded! I miss my sanity since the night we departed. [Skam:] Yo! - Oldworlddisorder on some outnumbered shit We rather go outta control then to be under it. Yo! How you goin against us, when we got nothin to loose? Must be confused - to pray to a god that don't excist. That wouldn't save yo bible kissin' ass and even if he did We like to twist the mist [? ] - genetic dead end - don't got friend! Skam is chatter man, posin' children for depression Stressin' nutty language - say my name is "Gladys"! That's chupacabra! - Suck the life outta you There won't be enough of your brain left to fill a tea spoon. We two vanishin man. - That make the bad things plan And prob'ly go platinum on the day that the world ends. [Chorus x2] [Kwest:] When it comes to beef - I get relieved when I kill it brief. Send you a reef, get your family ready for grief I knock your teeth, they're conceit like a thief Make a change of release - burn or leave before you go beneath. Rappers I kill em down is where I send them villian My plan is illin' so much. - I need some peniculine. Cats is spillin' cause I'm down here Kickin' shit that's solitaire you crown is rip cause rapper you sound counterfeit. You get a round of clips - if you play hard You stay scarred thinkin of graveyard you're in a caveyard. One in the mill, son I'm I'll when it comes to skills Wanna get killed and catch a dum dum in your grill. Rappers demenishing is [? ]? I get to the finish I'm speaking English, while your brothers is speaking in gibberish. You touch a mic and, I'm out to burry your fingers You want some fame? - I'll beat you up in front of Jerry Springer! So pay the price say the nice when I pay the dice I take your life slay it twice before your [? ] arrive [A.L.] Cats who rap are feminine I'm sendin this without the benefits of cinema scents of cinammon So submit it in your mental Since you find it essential to stencil simple sentences A sentence is simple You banned from usin writin utensils Whether crayon, pen or pencil Observe verse packed with syntax That causes skin cracks on impact Se
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