Pete Rock - Death Becomes You

Menace II Society - OST / Угроза для общества - Саундтрек
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Жанр: Gangsta Rap
Исполнитель: Pete Rock
Альбом: Menace II Society - OST / Угроза для общества - Саундтрек
Длительность: 04:14
Размер: 9,95 Мб
Рейтинг: 1294
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Ridah
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Pete Rock - Death Becomes You

Текст песни "Pete Rock - Death Becomes You"

[Verse 1: CL Smooth] It's the Killa Bee, kill rugged, skill vest often And land your fuckin asses in a coffin, what You see cold steel, you niggaz wanna mill' Like Shaquille, O' Neal Bullets are real, cock it back and then I peal off Fuck the kamikaze Mecca is on the shotty hottie The cops are runnin white chalk around your dead body Abandon ship, niggaz are ready to flip and bag a punk They can't fight next night, twistalism by your gravesight [Verse 2: Kenny] Over, yes you over six feet under You see, I'm not at ease you're diseased A reason for the treason, hunt season I'm from rabbit ordeal Where niggaz kick the beer loungin' off block Till the early morn', word is bond, another brother gone Would've been bullshit, quick talkin with nines and banana clips For million with bloodshed, the color red, two through the fuckin head Man you're dead, Death Becomes You [Hook x8] [Slick Rick] "So listen" "To bring you down" [Verse 3: CL Smooth] Infrareds locked on ya heads here come the feds Freeze now when I squeeze hot metal breeze Right through your arteries to bring you to your knees I think he's dyin' black I got the track to send you silly ass niggaz back Snatch ya hoe stab ya pimp and watch him limp away I fiend luchi till I'm fucked up old and gray Hey dog I send you to the morgue I'm from the Vernon ville blood spills shells drop [Verse 4: Kenny] And when it go pop-pop my glock hit that niggaz nut Cause I'm one of the hard ox's smokin' motherfuckers like crack rocks huh So back up, be ghost when I keep my toast Murder She Wrote yo Fully equipped with this death blow, flippin' Because I'm on the level like the rebel crazy bodies and tumbstones Straight to the devil nigga light in ya bed's right Because ya tune from me let miss due Strictly nigga Death Becomes You [Hook x8] "So listen" "To bring you down" "So listen to what we say because this type a shit it happens everyday" [Verse 5: Cl Smooth] No resurrection with protection slay cut up in the blender Just like Mohammed blowin' up the World Trade Center The hellraiser burner blazer stressin' major caution See the Mecca Don swirvin' a tongue like Jordan Anything you cherish I perish, I'm here to roll And now your bucks are big, and let out ya asshole Gun smoke when the hood is broke and need the riches Cause all this nigga want is more dough and more bitches [Verse 6: Pete Rock] Buck-buck-buck-buck rat-tat-tat I'm on a mission nigga I shoots to kill when I pull the motherfucking trigger I'm sick in the head I'm crazy I'm fuckin' wild I swear to God I come from the P now I'm Menace like Dennis so don't try to play me close I wave my gun in the air yo I don't fuckin' care It's Pete Rock on the mic check one, two I got the glock nigga, Death Becomes You [Outro] "So listen" "To bring you down" "So listen to what we say because this type a shit it happens everyday" "To bring you down" "So listen" etc
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