Snoop Dogg - Deez Hollywood Nights

Ego Trippin'
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Snoop Dogg
Альбом: Ego Trippin'
Длительность: 04:40
Размер: 10,76 Мб
Рейтинг: 1107
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Gragory
320 Кб/с

Snoop Dogg - Deez Hollywood Nights

Текст песни "Snoop Dogg - Deez Hollywood Nights"

[Chorus] Those Hollywood nights They drive me crazy Those Hollywood nights They drive me crazy [Snoop Dogg] Huh, it's like that that there They love it when I let down my hair from Jessica Alba to Jessica Simpson even Jessica Biel wanna know how I feel So I let 'em all come to my back table Roll up and lick the paper if they able Bottles of everything, models and everything Everything goes and yes I mean everything Cocaine castles, I ain't sniffin' But baby that plate in that one movie is trippin' So, I invite her over to my party Blonde hair, long legs, a real live Barbie No autographs, I ain't signin' now Act like you been around a boss, bitch settle down My life is like one big highlight Welcome to the motherf**kin' Hollywood night life [Chorus] Those Hollywood nights They drive me crazy Those Hollywood nights They drive me crazy [Snoop Dogg] Every night I'm in the limo, Excursion With some whites, some asians and persians They flirtin', and I'm certain they suckin' One night with the Dogg and it's curtains She say she wanna be an actress So I pointed to these nuts and then I yelled ACTION! Take one, take two, now cut Now turn around, and let the homie Damani f**k Huh, yeah, here we go again I gotta go behind the club just to get in They say I'm just too much commotion All the yellin' and screamin' and pushin', oh yes I got 'em open I'm in the back of the club gettin' a backrub Smokin' with one of the Marley's, "One Love" I'm higher than gas, refusin' to pass Hollywood Night School my nigga join my class, c'mon [Chorus] Those Hollywood nights They drive me crazy Those Hollywood nights They drive me crazy [Snoop Dogg] Meet me at the Roosevelt, bass cabana room I'm on Sunset (where you at?) at The House of Blues I just stepped in for a quick cameo Me and Leonardo DiCaprio He keep a bad hoe, I keep a bad hoe He slide me new hoes everywhere we go Oh the life, night after night, flight after flight Yes, these Hollywood nights I have a nigga burnt out, some hoes turned out You know it's pimpin' when you see the Dogg permed out Cameras flashin', police passin' Every little model wanna give me some action So I let 'em kick it, then I let 'em lick it Get some m_nage, durin' every visit I wouldn't leave it, even if they paid me The L.B. raised me and Hollywood is crazy [Chorus] Those Hollywood nights They drive me crazy Those Hollywood nights They drive me crazy
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