Das EFX - Raw Breed

Generation EFX
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Das EFX
Альбом: Generation EFX
Длительность: 03:03
Размер: 7,15 Мб
Рейтинг: 892
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: SmokeDogg
320 Кб/с

Das EFX - Raw Breed

Текст песни "Das EFX - Raw Breed"

From the floor, keep it raw Yeah, yo, yo, yo, yo Verse 1: dray, skoob I heard that one man's loss, is the next man's gain I came to drop the shit like rain and bring the pain to your brain We leave a stain, ain't prayin (why? ), cos the game's for kids It's diggity das, no doubt, back to shatter your wigs These pegs be all on my back, cats be actin too brave I think they better just relax, before we dig em a grave You blow the spot, baby face it, kids can't erase it Or trace it, ya get'cha face lit, books come lace it, what? Bringin it straight from the lands of the crooks where heat, books to heat Em Keepin em raw from these brooklyn streets, where books defeats em Flippin these lines like a polygraph, y'all niggas lolly dat Freakin a style from brooklyn, the home of the bodybags And kids with no fear, bitches with no hair Low gear benz's wit chrome wears, what we all here So don't stare, we there to interfere with the heads of ? ? ? ? ? What you didn't know, this miggity might hurt Припев: It's diggy das, raw breed Make moves at top speed It's the niggas from the sewer Drink brew and puff weed Giggity get wit it Sewer rats stay twisted Many people tell me this style is terrific It's diggy das, raw breed Make moves at top speed It's the niggas from the sewer Drink brew and puff weed Giggity get wit it Sewer rats stay twisted Aiyo, many people tell me this style is terrific Verse 2: dray, skoob Yo Well yo, in glocks we trust, and at the cops we bust We just be hustlin for cash and makin lashes of muss They went from az to jay-z, nas back to krayzie To drayzie, I fuck up your knot and then I'm swayze Word, yeah, yo, yo Well yo, figgity fuck a fear, wanna bust like a flare Gun, beware, son, my sons keep guns in the air None of y'all bitches can sue me, all my niggas twenty one gun salute me Pick up the vine and rock the kufi Well, all I heard was versucci, coochie for the lucci The gucci, but I just stay raw just like some sushi My crew be ill, time to move these mill's And all the drunken mawfuckers best to show they skills Yeah, yo, yo Well yo, the shit I talk, it be the shit I walk Some faggots try to get wild, they bit my style but got caught Like me and my man caught, slippin up at the crimescene Fuckin lime green, you fuckin wart, this is my team Припев
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