Junior M.A.F.I.A. - Back Stabbers

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Жанр: Gangsta Rap / East Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Junior M.A.F.I.A.
Альбом: Conspiracy
Длительность: 05:35
Размер: 12,77 Мб
Рейтинг: 474
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: SmokeDogg
320 Кб/с

Junior M.A.F.I.A. - Back Stabbers

Текст песни "Junior M.A.F.I.A. - Back Stabbers"

Smile in your face! Yeaaah! Back Stabbers! [INTRO/CHORUS] They smile in your face All the time they wanna take your place The back stabbers!(Back stabbers) [VERSE 1: LIL KIM AKA BIG MOMMA] The Buda got my brain seein my own my blood stains Dental records checkin my remains,it's hard to explain First I see 'em then I don't, they disappear First she tried to slit my throat,now she ain't there I'm seein bitches in the mirrors behind me But when I turn around, they hard to find See a little bit of weed and a little bit of greed Make a bitch wanna choke me till I bleed Now watch a bitch breathe from dum-dums That some young bum had to bust just for wreck Earn some self-respect,now should I tote a fo' pound 'Cause a clown wants my autograph Broken off that hash I think he wants my cash The Lexus and rings,give a sex simple and plain But these bitches is mad an' they niggas is bad So they scheme on a CREAM,you know Fuck the hos,bitches is detrimental,the guns is essential [CHORUS x2] [VERSE 2: LIL KIM] I'm having re-occuring dreams-bitches they want my CREAM They wanna be lieutenant so it seems,I can't sleep I see an image that keeps movin round and round my bed The shadow stops,points a Glock to my fuckin head I grab my pillow,crack the back window pull out the tre-8,bust three times at the gate LORD have mercy!The devil tryin to curse me I keeps seeing shit that wasn't there in the first See bitches be livin mad fad-they fuck my man Steal out my crib,then come an' try an' shake my hand Yeah man,breakin you down one time I packs that shit for your ass,Chronic for your mind I keeps it real on all you bitches,I wish you keep your mind Off my motherfuckin riches Bitches,I'm tired of all you hos beggin me for clothes Bank rolls is all I knows,that shit is dead chicken-head! [CHORUS x2] [VERSE 3: LIL KIM] The morning's finally here,damn!What should I wear? Time to get dressed and do my hair,once again it's on Somebody's knockin at my door,but when I walk across the floor Just ope' it up,the motherfucker's gone I'm hearing voices in the back of my mind Better grab my 2,'cause this fool might get outta line I guess it's time to test this bullet-proof dress From putting holes up in my chest I'm lookin through the peep-hole to recognise the face I see three bitches and still I got to play it safe I hope my dress come in handy,but when I open the door Three little girls selling candy,ya see bitches is jealous Of Little Kim because my click is thicker than the rest of them All I wanna do is be rich and stay that bitch Clock dough on the law,y'know? [CHORUS TO FADE]
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