Dilated Peoples - Back Again

Fight Night Round 3 - OST
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Dilated Peoples
Альбом: Fight Night Round 3 - OST
Длительность: 04:00
Размер: 4,99 Мб
Рейтинг: 2521
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: ZeAlex
174 Кб/с

Dilated Peoples - Back Again

Текст песни "Dilated Peoples - Back Again"

Dilated Peoples (yeah yeah!) {*Al-Al-Al-Al-Al, Al, Al, Alchemist*} It's a new day (A-L-C, Expansion Team business) Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! (Let's do it) [Chorus] "Back again!" (Who is it?) {*scratches: "Dilated" - "People make some noise!"*} "In in the house again!" [Ev] Set to pack 'em in [Ev] Ladies and gentlemen front, left, right, and back again "Back again!" (Uh-huh, who is it?) {*B-Real: "Dilated!"*} {*scratches: "Dilated.. Dilated Peoples!"*} "In the house again!" [Ev] It's the People the People the People [Ev] People the People the People [Evidence] Yeah, back again! For the very fourth time Don't worry if I write checks, I write rhymes {*DJ Babu turntable backspin*} (Yeah yeah! Bring that back to the top man!) Yeah you like that right? I need to hear that from the top Yo Babs... bring that back! {*scratched: "Rewind, I spit 'em again"*} [Evidence] Yeah, back again! For the very fourth time Don't worry if I write checks, I write rhymes It's a new year, okay, got shit to confess Like I ain't smoke weed no more (what?) but ain't smokin no less (ha!) "Back again," yeah, reversin any curses Back to jumpin in crowds, spillin drinks on chicks purses "In the house again," it's Dilated Peoples Back again-back again-back, back again-back again-back [Rakaa Iriscience] "Back again," the crew never left, but came back (Amazing!) Like tomorrow on these yesterday cats "In the house again," learned to stay vested and strapped Stay awake and out of the federal state traps (Yo we back again!) Kinda like Bush and Blair Some were scared, some would just wish they cared (Uh-ohh!) "In the house again," never too late to prepare Cause many things you fear have been in place for years [Chorus] [Rakaa Iriscience] "Back again," with more titles, rings and plaques Belts trophies and banners, and things like that LIKE THAT! {*DJ Babu turntable backspin*} (Like that! Ohh, definitely like that!) (A-L-C, Dilated Peoples) (Aiyyo Rak' I don't think they understand man) (Yo bring that back!) {*scratch: "Rewind, I spit 'em again"*} [Rakaa Iriscience] "Back again," with more titles, rings and plaques Belts trophies and banners, and things like that (like that) For the passion and stacks of this cash We play through pain, mostly come home to switch bags "Back again," to get my squad back on track Staples Center parades, I'm talkin back to back "In the house again," it's Dilated And we're back again-back again-back, back again-back again-back [Evidence] "Back again," yeah they stuck cause shit's different And rain was on the way because the weatherman predict it "In the house again," I ain't gettin wet Kick a hole in the speaker pull the plug; still my People showin love Think different, outside the box Don't want a lot of a little, we want a little of a lot In this world, Evidence, all I got's my word Spin at thirty-three and a third, to make the DJ spin it (Expansion Team, Dilated Peoples) (Y'all know how it's goin down!) (Worldwide, original flavor) {*scratch: "Rewind, I spit 'em again"*} [Chorus] [ad libs and fadeout]
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