Psycho Realm - Needful Things

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Жанр: Chicano Rap / West Coast Rap / Underground Rap
Исполнитель: Psycho Realm
Альбом: Unreleased
Длительность: 03:15
Размер: 7,44 Мб
Рейтинг: 503
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Arronaks
320 Кб/с

Psycho Realm - Needful Things

Текст песни "Psycho Realm - Needful Things"

LYRICS: (voices in background) don't listen to him. (b real talking) i gotta kill these, i gotta kill these voices, They're takin over. tellin' me i'm this and that, Making me feel like a fucking addict. yo, let's Talk about what i need. i can't hang with this shit, fool. Check it out, i'm a menace to my race I dare any one of you to come up in my face I live under the gun, die by the gun, When i lay to rest, i'll lie by the gun The outcome of every individual Is infection through his poisonous rituals Some seeem to break away from the chains Of paranoia, stress and strain, i remain Locked in the circle, never ending, mind bending Unrelenting thoughts mending nightmares From the past to the present, but i got no future, And no one else in it. So i take all the stimulants to keep me calm My mind is a bomb about the blow Let it all flow as i carry all of you Through my sick thoughts, mental level distraught Crisis seem to be poisoning Everything i touch turns to shit, i wanna flee But my responsibilties won't let me escape One solution, take this pain away D-i-m-e, dimin' down to a cell, Drive down a bottomless well to hell I feel i'm back in my cell [?] never knew no hell To deserve that i serve But in a joint, you're serving me A broke neck and drugs worse Jacken: What does it mean? I need help, now i'm fallin' in a pit And i can't get out without company to submit My momma told me that i need Jesus in my life My wife left with the kids, i'm home alone tonite Maybe she don't got one clue About the rituals individuals go through I'm a runaway train comin' off track Who's to blame for all of my shameless acts? No one but myself, i step into the Serious misuse of drugs introduced To my system, all critical I'm poisoned through the venoms of my rituals Inhibitous, pacified, without distributors Paths collide with mine Maybe i'd be better off in the grave, Maybe i'd be better off in the grave Instead of a slave to these pills, I wish i was saved. But there's no hope for me So i serve and be example Of what exactly not to be. You motherfuckers better take head, Try and succeed, achieve your goals Fullfil all your needs. Indeed, proceed with your strife We'll all fall victims to The needful things in life. (b real talking) that's right, we all fall a victim To the needful things, whether it be bitches, Money, materialistic bullshit! (duke talking throughout) What you need? huh? what you really need? huh? What could you need? what could you need? What could you need? huh? The so called needful things in life. I could do without. Fuck all of ya'll.
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