50 Cent - U Not Like Me (Bonus Track)

Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
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Жанр: Gangsta Rap
Исполнитель: 50 Cent
Альбом: Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
Длительность: 04:16
Размер: 9,79 Мб
Рейтинг: 5819
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

50 Cent - U Not Like Me (Bonus Track)

Текст песни "50 Cent - U Not Like Me (Bonus Track)"

NYPD, LAPD, NYPD (When it's on, that's who you get, huh?) NYPD, LAPD, NYPD (That's your motherfuckin' click, huh?) NYPD, LAPD, NYPD (You a motherfuckin' snitch, huh?) NYPD, LAPD, NYPD [Verse] Niggas wanna shine like me (me), rhyme like me (me) Then walk around with a 9 like me (me) They don't wanna do it, 3 to 9 like me And they ain't strong enough to take 9 like me Aiyoo, you think about shittin' on 50... save it My songs belong in the Bible with King David I teach niggas sign language, that ain't def son [click, click] you heard that? That mean RUN Ask around, I ain't the one you wanna stun on, pa Pull through, I'll throw a fucking cocktail at ya' car From the last shootout, I got a demple on my face It's nothin', I could go after Mase's fanbase Shell hit my jaw, I ain't wait for doctor to get it out Hit my wisdom tooth *huck-too* spit it out I don't smile a lot, cause ain't nothin' pretty Got a purple heart for war, and I ain't never left the City Hos be like "Fitty, you so witty" On the dick like they heard I ghostwrite for P.Diddy You got fat while we starve, it's my turn I done felt how the shells burn, I still won't learn Won't learn [Chorus 2X] If you get shot and run to the cop - You not like me You ain't got no work on the block - You not like me It's hot, you ain't got no drop - You not like me Like me duke, you not like me [Verse] Momma said.. Everything that happened to us, was part of God's plan So at night when I talk him, I got my gun in my hand Don't think I'm crazy, cause I don't fear man Cause I feel when I kill a man, God won't understand I got a head full of evil thoughts, am I Satan I been coulda killed these niggas, I'm still waiting In the telly with to whores, a Benz with to doors 32 carrots in the cross, no flaws You see me in the hood, I got at least two guns I carry the glock, Tony carry my M-1s Hold me down nigga, OGs tryin' to rock me D's waiting for my response to lock me This is my hustle, nigga don't knock me You need some shit with banana clips to try and stop me I'M THE ONE [Chorus 2x] If you get shot and run to the cop - You not like me You ain't got no work on the block - You not like me It's hot, you ain't got no drop - You not like me Like me duke, you not like me [Verse] See, I done been to the Pearly Gates, they sent me back The good die young, I ain't eligible for that I shot niggas, I been shot, sold crack in the street My attitude is gangsta, so I stand some beef You wanna get acquainted with me, you wanna know me From 3 point range, with a glock, I shoot better then Kobe See a nigga standin' next to me, he probably my Co-D See a bitch getting in my whip, she probably gon' blow me See the flow is like a 38, it's special yoooooo A country boy tell ya, I'm fittin' to blowwwww I'm more like a pimp, then a trick, you know See, I'm in this for the paper, I don't love the hoes Niggas broke in the hood, worried about mines Grown ass men, wearing starter piece shines You know them little pieces, with the little stones Got little clientele fiends call your cell phones When the gossip starts, I'm always the topic You too old for that shit dog, why don't you stop it Shorty, I been watching you watching me Now tell me what you like more, my watch or me Haha [Chorus 2x] If you get shot and run to the cop - You not like me You ain't got no work on the block - You not like me It's hot, you ain't got no drop - You not like me Like me duke, you not like me
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