Fat Joe - Find Out (feat. Armageddon)

Don Cartagena
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Fat Joe
Альбом: Don Cartagena
Длительность: 03:26
Размер: 7,88 Мб
Рейтинг: 1169
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: ZeAlex
320 Кб/с

Fat Joe - Find Out (feat. Armageddon)

Текст песни "Fat Joe - Find Out (feat. Armageddon)"

[Armageddon] Yeah yeah Do you Don Cartagena solemnly swear to take this game of hip-hop as your lawfully wedded wife through sickness and health, til death do you part? [Fat Joe] I do [Armageddon] Aight then You now may spit on the bride [Fat Joe] I bet you thought I left you hangin, Joe Crack returns bangin with somethin brand spankin, what the f**k was y'all thinkin? Blow out your tweeters, have dinner with world leaders Terror Squad so much they be cats with dark caesars Fast cars and millimeters, gold cards and Visa's Givin nonbelievers ways to fly with Jesus Here's my thesis, enterprise break the block to pieces Hustler and hard pool shark like Jack Gleason The only reason I came back was for the platinum With raps, ten times more deadly than saccharin MC's be actin, I think somebody needs to slap em Run up on em attack em, and ask em what's his passion My love is rockin shows at the highest extremity This star from Trinity got your mom sayin she's feelin me Who's dealin ki's, that's peace, get your cheese, ? Pump this masterpiece at the loudest degree Chorus: Fat Joe, Armageddon (repeat 2X) Let me find out (find out) niggaz is noddin out Take some time out (time out) you wondered my whereabouts The truth is I never left you, I kept my promise (what?) Don Cartagena blessed you, now pay homage [Fat Joe] Yo f**k movin mountains, I move planets and you be Earthless Terror Squad the worst that hurt shit, split you to verses Joey Crack the world in half, Punisher punish em til they lose the hopes and dreams they had Then Armageddon finish em Yo I'm bout as braze as Satan, no exaggeratin My crew is radiatin, shinin while you playa-hation Cartagena hit em like the Red Army invasion Operatiion lace em show em what they facin, what? I've been down since the days of Flash when it was fun and laughs, before hip-hop was based on cash Let's blaze a sack and concentrate on coke inflation You know the biggest asses in United Nations f**k the Federation, general population is hibernatin But bear witness to information that'll rock this nation I'm not God, but indeed, my mind's relatin Better act now, before your life is wasted cause time is racin Chorus 2X [Armageddon] Yeah, now do you hip-hop take Don Cartagena, as your lawfully wedded husband Now by the power invested in me, by me I pronounce you husband and wife [Fat Joe] Joey Crack, a.k.a. Kaiser Soze Heads beware, there's mad fear in the air Joey Crack, a.k.a. Kaiser Soze Knuckleheads beware, knuckleheads beware Joey Crack, a.k.a. Kaiser Soze Knuckleheads beware, there's mad tension in the air
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