Текст песни Louis Armstrong - Skokiaan

My Greatest Songs
Жанр: Jazz
Исполнитель: Louis Armstrong
Альбом: My Greatest Songs
Длительность: 03:45
Рейтинг: 397
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Загрузил: macaralex


Skoki-Skoki, Skoki-oki-aan Okey-Dokey, anybody can Oh-hoooo, far away in Africa Happy, happy Africa They sing a-bing-a-bang-a-bingo They have a ball and really go, go, go Oh-hoooo, take a trip to Africa Any ship to Africa Come on along and learn the lingo Beside a jungle bungalow Hot drums are drumming, the Hot strings are strumming, and Warm lips are blissful, they're Kissful of Skokiaan Oooooh, if you go to Africa Happy, happy Africa You live along like a king-o Right in a jungle bungalo Skoki-Skoki, Skoki-oki-aan Okey-Dokey, anybody can (Skoki-Skoki) man, oh man, oh man You sing a-bing-a-bang-a-bingo In hokey-pokey Skokiaan Skoi-aa-aa-aa--ann
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