Текст песни EPMD - Hardcore (feat. Redman)

Business As Usual
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: EPMD
Альбом: Business As Usual
Длительность: 04:32
Рейтинг: 596
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Загрузил: SmokeDogg


[Chorus] "Hardcore.. to make the brothers act fools" {*4X*} [Parrish Smith] When I turn the party out, all hands is in the air Some say it's chill, New York throw chairs It's the punk funk sound to make a sane man flip Girls rush the stage, faggots cold dip low, to avoid the caps and blows By the gangbangers, at the b-boy shows where the cops, try to control the crowd But they can't, system's cranked, "So Wat Cha Sayin"'s pumpin loud Blows are thrown, heads are flown like Pan-Am Brothers lickin off like the Son of Sam and The bass, continues to thump Some brothers hit the parkin lot, to go pop trunks Hoes are slapped, jewels are snatched Brothers are caught in the crossfire without no caps And on my way out, I heard a sucker scream and shout {AHHH! NIGGAZ!} "Niggaz," yeah cold turn the party out [Chorus] [Erick Sermon] Rap combat is where it's at and I attack any crab MC, that's down with the wack And I wreck, and if I can I snap a neck Throw a knockout blow, and look for a tech I'm terror, new edition to rap era I can't be beat, I'm too sweet plus clever I'm smart, yes, I'm a so called genius I'm equipped with the thinkin cap they call keenness And yo, with that, I can break fool Especially when the posse is thick and got tools Makes me feel good cause they got steel No blasters or cap guns son, the real deal K-A, microphone wrecker E-D The O, the U, the B, the L to the E Rockin on, word is bond, so abandon ship My name is Erick Sermon now watch out when I flip I'm far from a chump, I'm hardcore like Brooklyn Mess with me, and get your manhood took-en [Chorus] [Redman] I got it goin on, since I'm up next to flex You bet I drop heavy so girls grab your Kotex I catch fits when I blitz a rhyme grit And my lip gets to the point, to rip some mo' fly shit Redman ready to rock rough rhymes Renegade rapper, rip when it's rhyme time Punk push a pen and pencil when I'm pissed Pack pistol posse, flow some more pro shit Fee-Fi-Foe-Fum, funky to floor, ay Fuck ya freak words for foreplay Quickly, quiet is kept, never quack On the Q-Tip I quote, I throw lines like a quarterback A monster, murder motherfucks like Manson A madman ,who mutilize men with 9-M-M Bullets blow bad, brother back to back I slam Bread and butter, break beats to Bam Bam Jump off the jim before I jack my johnson I jam like Janet, chew MC's like Swansons Dennis stamp dummy, I'm diggin a dungeon Can you dig that I dig deep, to destroy dumb-dumbs? Yes, I yam what I yam when I jam, bro My afro's in the house (YO YO YO!) Long as I live large, life will be luxury Ladies in Lamborghinis, love is like luck to me Nasty nigga, competition is none From Newark, New Jersey, knock heads like Mike Nunn Shit, grab the steel when I'm strokin Smoke with shotguns but the sign said no smokin Cool it kiddo, I control from sea to sea Cut like Chuckie, plus style is cock-D Superman Lover, cool from the new school Hold your breath, while I walk holdin my jewels [Chorus] - ad lib scratches to fade
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