Текст песни Suicide Commando - Hate Me (Retaliate v1.0)

Implements of Hell [Limited Edition] [CD1]
Жанр: Dark Electro
Исполнитель: Suicide Commando
Альбом: Implements of Hell [Limited Edition] [CD1]
Длительность: 05:10
Рейтинг: 505
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Загрузил: Static-ZombiE_


you think I'm a, I'm a madman, A schizophrenic, Whatever" (x4) you think I'm a schizophrenic schizophrenic(x2) You slowly kill me Head to the floor. You don't possess me, I'm not your fucking whore! You say you love me But you really dont care. You hurt my feelings, Led me to despair. You softly kill me dominating my mind, your soul affects me. You kill me dead blind. I'm sick and tired of playing this game, I'm not your servant, You drive me insane. C'mon and Hate Me! (x4) You're trusting people by the music they make, Dont even know me, You think it's all fake. You're trusting people by the clothes that they wear You really hate me But I don't fucking care! I want to live my life the way that I want, Take it or leave it, This is what I want. Dont try to take away the rest of my life, Dont try to break me, Cause this is my life!
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