Текст песни Nas - Classic (DJ Premier Remix) (Feat. KRS-One & Rakim & Kanye West)

DJ J - Hip-Hop Classics
Жанр: Gangsta Rap
Исполнитель: Nas
Альбом: DJ J - Hip-Hop Classics
Длительность: 04:46
Рейтинг: 589
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Загрузил: G-EAZY-E


[Hook: Samples] [Sample:] "And now for my next number.." "I'd like to return to the.." [Nas:] "Classic" [Kanye West:] "uh, uh, - timeless.." [Kool G Rap:] "Nike's straight classic" [Nas:] "Classic" [Kool G Rap:] "Nike's..Nike's..Nike's.. straight classic" [Kanye West:] "Timeless.." [Sample:] "I'd like to return to the classic" [Rakim:] "Kanye West" [Verse 1: Kanye West] Can't buy this, super fly in this Like shininess, you're highness It's performin', look how long the line is It's what happens when you make shit that's timeless It's what happens, each rapper's the pioneers What would it take to be a legend like Nas is? That's so novice, I'm so polished I got a right to be a 'lil snobbish I did a 'lil bit of College Semesters it took two like Rob Base To let me figure out this was in my place The beat's slow, 'til you listen to my pace 'Cause I be killin' shit, but that's evident And y'all feelin' it, but I expected If it's classic - it's gon' last forever than I'm everywhere you never been, and better than I ever been [Hook: Samples] [Nas:] "Classic" [Kool G Rap:] "Nike's straight classic" [Nas:] "I'm better than I've ever been" [Kanye West:] "Timeless.." [Kanye West:] "I'm everywhere you never been, and better than I ever been" [Nas:] "Classic" [Kool G Rap:] "Nike's straight..straight classic.." [Nas:] "I'm better than I've ever been" [Kanye West:] "Timeless.." [Nas Samples: One Love & It Ain't Hard To Tell] "Hold the fort down, represent to the fullest" "Nas'll rock well" [Verse 2: Nas] Perseverance.. See the fake hustler rapper To them, it hurts to hear this Oh you went platinum? Yeah, that's nice Now let me see you do the same thing twice Three times, four times, then a couple of mo' times Please, you're Amateur Night, it's Showtime It's one life to live, so live it the best you can The world could use one less man Not enough air, not enough car factories To manufacture new vehicles, sedans and vans When they do make the whip you like Your chips ain't right By the time you could afford it The car ain't imported In the streets I'm in, it's just iron Cops keep firin', in my environment Leavin' you slumped, then they drive home Far from the hood, brothers they eager to jump on I like to be the wall that they toast up on I like to see them fall, guilty for doin' wrong I'm classic like the Air One's, the hustler shoe That's what I'm accustomed to.. yea [Hook: Samples] [KRS-One Sample:] "Of course - we have Blastmaster KRS-One" [Verse 3: KRS-One] How many of y'all got - 'Criminal Minded'? You, you, you, y'all don't be blinded Me - I got no jewels on my neck Why? - I don't need 'em, I got your respect KRS-One, 20 years I rock I do it for JMJ and Scott La Rock This hip-hop and we is a nation Don't you wanna hear more KRS-One on your radio station? Instead of broadcasting how we smoke them trees On the radio we need to hear more local emcees Where you at?, c'mon where you at? This is the difference between emceein' and rap Rappers spit rhymes that're mostly illegal Emcees spit rhymes to uplift their people Peace, Love, Unity, havin' fun These are the lyrics of KRS-One.. [Hook: Samples] [Rakim Sample:] "I'm Rakim, the fiend of a microphone.." [Verse Four: Rakim] Uh, yea, is y&#39
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