Текст песни Helloween - Time

Better Than Raw
Жанр: Power Metal
Исполнитель: Helloween
Альбом: Better Than Raw
Длительность: 05:45
Рейтинг: 3897
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Загрузил: cagar


Hours of lust, hours of tears passing by before my eyes today, tomorrow, yesterday ...one life days of joy, day of sadness come and go to pass me by a month, a year, one hundred years, they fly Ohh, one day I will be gone to lead another life ohh, and this world will stop to turn around with me 'cause Time... marches time... marches on without us all, never stops, yes time... marches time... marches on and on and on, flies eternally Times of peace, times of fights, constant movement is our life can't stop no more, not until... we die we long no more... eternity, and maybe there's another life this one is short, no matter how you try Ohh, but never give up all the hope to lead a good life no, don't waste your given time to make things worse Please, please help me see, the best way to be make a change and we, live eternally no more wasted years, no more wasted tears life's too short to cry, long enough to try.
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