Текст песни Onslaught - Lightning War

In Search Of Sanity
Жанр: Thrash Metal
Исполнитель: Onslaught
Альбом: In Search Of Sanity
Длительность: 06:56
Рейтинг: 895
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Kate_Fantasy


Striking of speed on the wings of revenge Creating all madness at will Deceiving dictation pretenders beware Unleasing the blitzkreig to kill Burning desire with blood as fuel Dying you feed the machine Rising from blindness the lights scan the sky Defying the darkness i see (CHORUS) Raise the flag of shame Coward is your name I have your life held in my hand Feel the power rise Lightning cracks the sky Cut loose the fury take command Die Die Die By our Blitzkreig Die Die Die It's a lightning war Die Die Die By our Blitzkreig Die Die Die Riding the past as we march on through time Inflicting destrution and pain Deposing destraying exception are none Send bleeding the weak and insane Leading them on through the oceans of light Black is the hatred we found Awaiting the sign for the hammer to fall Sent crushing by power and sound (CHORUS) Tighten the grip on the never say die Precision the way to succeed Ascending Defending in action again Emotions is what we perceive Show no remorse in a crushing defeat Sweet is a vengeful attack Life is for living right down to the last The glory immortal in black (CHORUS)
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