Текст песни Army Of The Pharaohs - The Ultimatum

The Unholy Terror
Жанр: Hip-Hop / Underground Rap
Исполнитель: Army Of The Pharaohs
Альбом: The Unholy Terror
Длительность: 06:29
Рейтинг: 613
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Загрузил: retrooaziz


[Chorus] The Ultimatum, let’s abbreviate em The Ultimatum, let’s abbreviate The Ultimatum, let’s abbreviate em The Ultimatum, let’s abbreviate [Verse 1: King Magnetic] The ultimatum ain’t debated, ain’t the same as when you waiting For someone to keep their word or the paper from a payment Ain’t negating nothing, I can break their front and take it from them Wait a month and take the pump and make em want to make up something Take an up and coming artist or classic figure If you see me reaching out, it’s to smack a nigga Melanin scheme is telling em squeeze, shell an MC (the breeze?) ease Gs Felony three on melody schemes They selling them dreams, DMX is Nelly to me Telling them please just leave before I have to swell a person It’s no question like playing the acapella version [Verse 2: Des Devious] Look I said it before, shouldn’t say it again But in case you hard of hearing look you and your mans Can get it in the worst way, run when killers thirsty For a lame and his blood, sweep it under the rug Just like it never happened, we professional fighters And I ain’t talking about scrapping, I’m talking pistol gripping You know the rest, no need to stress how my niggas live it Just know we go so hard, forego a lavish living And since I had my taste can’t find nothing that’s better Riding high gripping wood, ass on the softest leather Are y’all some scary dudes? Man I ain’t afraid of you Murder you, crack a brew and watch it on the news [Verse 3: Reef The Lost Cauze] Get stabbed by the cuts on the Qwest beat, respect beef Marty McFly shit, get knocked into next week What does the future hold? Bullets going through your clothes My niggas is all large like a Jewish nose Hold my arms and a hookah bowl Y’all motherfuckers ain’t been nice since the Eagles won the Superbowl Check your stat books, get your rat hooks Out my rap books, biting-ass niggas get your snacks took You in the scrapbook scrap shook Y’all niggas think beef is what these dudes type on their Macbooks I’ll smash your Hewlett-Packard you fucking doofus rapper AOTP fuckers it’s the newest chapter [Verse 4: King Syze] Catch me in the street dressed pretty as hell But when it comes to these raps I get gritty for real Knock em out the box, Syze I spin your motherfucking head counterclockwise, you niggas is not Syze You full of shit like a pot pie labels better cross them Ts, dot them Is or them shots fly Pass the Master, have to blast you Choke on the track like please excuse the asthma Please excuse my French, fuck the Spanish Talking ghetto language the hood can understand it I wrath of God Satan, fuck the apostles Army Of The Pharaohs back ready to rock you [Verse 5: Vinnie Paz] Vinnie fucking smash your jaw, it ain’t nobody rapping half as raw I was writing rhymes over loops by Stacy Lattimore Guess you wondering what Vinnie need all the assassins for Guess you wondering if I’m a communist or fascist boy Shoot three at you and push the rock like this was basketball Chop your body up in little pieces with my plastic saw Y’all need to overstand the jux is real I run with ghetto boys and I ain’t talking Bushwick Bill If looks could kill then y’all would be kaputs for real We drink your blood and hang your body up on hooks of steel I push the pills, call me Vinnie the psychiatrist And y’all are gonna have to see defeat like a podiatrist [Verse 6: Celph Titled] In the dice game you say I won’t place those bets That’s like saying you know the Wu, but call that dude Ghostface ‘Deck’ I leave your whole face wet like you got hit with a water balloon The size of a propane jet Altercations all the ones I took place in no police was involved If I’m beefing we ain’t greeting, I’m deleting you, pa I keep my weed in a jar and roll it in a Philly wrapper I’m AOTP so I roll with Philly rappers And will
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