Текст песни Watain - The Golden Horns Of Darash

Casus Luciferi
Жанр: Black Metal
Исполнитель: Watain
Альбом: Casus Luciferi
Длительность: 05:47
Рейтинг: 540
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: DCLXVI


All ysop burnt, all fruits are poisoned Zaddik failed and Zebaoth lost, The lambs are banished, the temple is soiled March on white ruin, infernal host So come forth, Lord of the triple number Rise, oh trinity of DEATH, DEATH and DEATH Burn this vermin world in its most deep slumber And to all of Sheob, give the sulphur breath Blacken all their ghastly colours And freeze to scorn their charity warmth Smear our sin to their most pure innocense And nail them all to the cross!!! For they live to die, we die to live Our beginning is their end! While they fall with twelve, we rise with seven So wake the astral serpent by Thy pale hand!!! All ysop burnt, all fruits are poisened Adonai failed and Elohim lost The lambs are slaughtered, our temple shines golden Crawl on your ruin, seraphic host... And my tongue speaks ancient names Forbidden psalms above the flames My heart pumps but void into my veins My puls runs slow, too slow for chains For chains that tie me down to earth For chains that keep up this organic curse ...for I see horns... ...golden horns... ...for I see horns... ...HORNS!!!!!!!...
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