Текст песни The Dudes of Wrath - Shocker

Shocker - OST / Электрошок - Саундтрек
Жанр: Heavy Metal / OST
Исполнитель: The Dudes of Wrath
Альбом: Shocker - OST / Электрошок - Саундтрек
Длительность: 03:59
Рейтинг: 2140
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: 190659


See the Shadow of a Stranger Turn around and your Lie's in Danger This crazy world is in a grave Situation Check the Children, are they sleeping ? Will they wake from the Sirene's screamin ? Don't blame the Heavens this Man's Situation [Chorus] Shocker ! Shocker ! We're led like Lambs to the Slaughter Shocker ! Shocker ! We're in the Fire and it just gets hotter See the light it's the City burnin' The homeless Shudder cause the leaves are turnin' The Winter's coming with it's cold compression Cause God's the only Witness on File Man's Inhumanity to Man's in fashion [Chorus] We will have the Power We will have the Glory In our shining Hour We will write our own Story We will have our own World We will have it our Way Standing like a Tower The Sun will shine on our Day [The Dudes of Wrath Shocker aus dem Album OST Shocker 1989]
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