Текст песни After Forever - Two Sides

Invisible Circles
Жанр: Symphonic Metal
Исполнитель: After Forever
Альбом: Invisible Circles
Длительность: 04:34
Рейтинг: 744
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Загрузил: cagar


Somehow everything's getting worse My fight is just one of their struggles And have I ssen it all Oh no,now their hate's reaching the top And guess who's to blame,and guess who's responsible If pain is our line, The one that connects us in life,should we hold on I only feel their shame when I'm near Life should be more than this,should be warmer than this Cause there's more grief and pain,oh yes There is more than what I caused, things beyond me And their eyes reflect things they'll never say out loud If pain is our line, The one that connects us in life,should we hold on Our dreams,ambitions and passion Our plans for the future,our combined goals A life with status,respect and adoration our wishes and hope destroyed at once Without those things to connect us, a life together is even worse than alone we all need two sides of the story Two sides,one can become a reflection of the truth,a lie You'll be judging soon Two sides,they both have their emotions,opinions and thoughts on who's to blame on reality,can you tell If pain is our line The one that connects us in lief,should we hold on
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