Текст песни Machine Head - Violate

The More Things Change...
Жанр: Groove Metal
Исполнитель: Machine Head
Альбом: The More Things Change...
Длительность: 07:20
Рейтинг: 1718
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Загрузил: myz-myz


I want you to know this I want you to know just what I feel You told me through sacred lies I told you once with bloodshot eyes You told me don't ask Just stay away from me You told me it'd be alright I told you once, then told you twice You can't face Can't you face me I won't pray for you I can't pray for you Because you took it away Because you took it from me Thought I could never ever Fuckin' find another Get a muthafuckin' chance again Because the power Is the rage that can devour Gotta make that fear descend Without it, you ain't shit And you ain't shit to me Berating, a scathing Grave indignity I see the look inside your eyes It makes me sick Defiling innocence Is how you get your kicks You violate, and then you think yourself a man You violate, and then you call yourself a man Don't come my way Don't care what you say Pray you fuckin' die Before you feel Rage...
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