Текст песни Jeru the Damaja - Not the Average

Wrath Of The Math
Жанр: East Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Jeru the Damaja
Альбом: Wrath Of The Math
Длительность: 04:23
Рейтинг: 507
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: RAZOR82


I met this honey named Yolanda You would not believe the things that I told her She had potential so I thought that I would mold her (Break it down son) You would usually see me and her around town She had this way that was so sexy Everytime I think about it-makes me woozy And her rear end was just so nice and juicy Plus a mind that you would not believe No tricks up her sleeve So we dated, like Janet Jackson, we waited A while and waited and waited I started to wonder would I ever get in it Finally the invitation was extended With that I said "Mi casa es su casa" Meet me at my pad tomorow-about six o'clock No question-the next day, we kissin' and caressin' Before long, we starts to undress and With that I pulls out my pack of hats She looks me dead in the eye and says "What's that?" I said "Don't tell me you don't know what condoms is for" She says "Yeah, but the average nigga'll love to hit it raw" And I said I'm not your average nigga No I'm not your average nigga You can't get me, I'm not your average nigga I'm not your average nigga Girlfriend, I'm not your average nigga No, no I'm not your average nigga (Yo Ru! Yo these honeys be on some shit for real. Yo tell me about the Other honey you was kickin' it to) I met this honey named Tamika My intentions was more than just to freak her Since I'm gone I thought that I would teach her (Where'd you meet her at, black?) At The Tunnel so you know it didn't happen like that I got her name and her number I said "Girlfriend, I just wonder Could you come home with me?" She said "Uh-uh But you got the digits-ring me up tomorow and see where it leaves ya at We started speakin' We planned to hook up that next weekend We discussed the place of our meeting She said "Come to my projects Sometimes niggas be buggin, but I got mad respect" So like a dummy, I went to scoop up this young honey Gassed up by the fat ass and flat tummy But when I rolled up It start to look just like a set-up Now I'm mad hot, but this time played it cool Recognized one nigga I used to run with in high school I said "You know Tamika?" He said "Yeah I know the whore" Got me to the elevator and led me to her door When I rung the bell she was mad surprised Flung the door wide open with a wild look in her eyes I said, yo I'm not your average nigga You see, I'm not your average nigga You can't get me cuz I'm not your average nigga I'm not your average nigga Girlfriend, I'm not your average nigga Oh no, you know I'm not your average nigga (scratch-"Chain nigga"-scratch-"here you comin' but your steps are to loud Standing on the corner, thought him was cool"-scratch-"chain nigga" I met this honey named Sabrina I thought that this time this one would be the Queen of My dreams, but you know how that goes (God, I heard it before) So let me tell you what happened one day I'm outside her door And we're talking about how her ex-boyfriend be stalking She said she thought she saw him when we were walking I said "Don't worry about it Put that shit on the side, and slide up in the crib" So we're lampin', she's still shook up about what happened I said "Don't sweat it, he's probably just rappin'" She said "Little do you know Last week he threw a brick threw my bedroom window" I said "Whatever, I don't think he's that crazy" She said "You never, know where he may be" All of a sudden, out of nowhere The crazy mothafucka jumped out on me I made him melt with a blow to the head And before I bounced, this is what I said I said Yo I
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