Текст песни Day Of Fire - Light 'Em Up

Losing All
Жанр: Post-Grunge
Исполнитель: Day Of Fire
Альбом: Losing All
Длительность: 04:02
Рейтинг: 776
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: KaratisT


Never look back never let it go. Do the graveyard dance at the midnight show Beggin for the chance, got my finger on the trigger Gonna make a bigger bang baby make it bigger Burden in my hands burnin up the road you know That I feel alive, in overdrive [Chorus:] On and on and on we go... (Put it on the line cause I'm going all the way) Light 'em up throw it down and let it roll (Put it on the line cause I'm going all the way) [Verse 2:] A Black sheep momma but I keep the faith A super natural born thriller of the human race Got a light in my pocket and a hand upon the wheel Kick it into overdrive for the over kill Four barrel Holley pedal to the steel for real. You know I feel alive in overdrive
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